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Analysis of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, catch them now!

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“It won’t be the first or the best open world I’ve played, but it is the most beautiful way I’ve seen Pokémon.”


  • The most organic version of Pokémon

  • A fantastic twist to the formula

  • Lots of replayability


  • Unfriendly item management

  • Some mechanics are a step backwards

The first time I explored the Obsidian Meadow in Pokémon Legends: Arceus I met several of the creatures I’ve met in past games in the series. I faced them all because that’s how I’ve played Pokémon for the last 25 years; For me, every match is a battle.

Then, in the distance, as the game got dark, I saw a Rapidash. While scale is not a new aspect in the Pokémon games, in legends It takes on another meaning because you can compare the size of your character with that of the pokémon. The Rapidash looked imposing, but I got ready to face it to try to capture it; his eyes were red and he was level 40 (my pokémon were level 10), so I had no choice but to run away. For me, games Pokemon have become routine, repetitive and boring, but Game Freak released Pokémon Legends: Arceus with the promise of refreshing the series, and he delivered.

Open world, of legend?

Pokémon Legends: Arceus shows an open world that imposes.
Legends is the cutest presentation of Pokémon to date.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is an open world video game (with its buts) in which the objective is to complete the pokedex. Not exactly a clone monster hunterbut it has certain similarities in the sense that you embark on missions with simple objectives, such as collecting certain items, capturing or defeating a number of pokémon, or failing that, follow the plot of the main story.

Certainly, the “open world” structure is the main charm of legends. Interacting with Pokémon in their habitat is interesting and makes the world feel alive. I think a good reference would be the feeling it generates pokemon snap compared to a game like pokemon swordalthough with the notable difference that this time you decide where to go.

However, I put the open world in quotes because the structure of legends is to show you large interconnected scenarios in which sooner or later you will go through an invisible wall that will show a loading screen. That is to say, you cannot travel the entire Hisui region riding an Ursaluna. It’s not a disappointing look, but it doesn’t end up quite replicating the feeling of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The truth is that, unlike breath of the wildthe world of legends feel full of life. If in my opinion it was disappointing just to meet a bandit or a knight in Hyrule from time to time, here you will find pokémon everywhere.

Also, some players have criticized the graphic aspect of legendsI think the game looks good. In short, I think that it is the amount of pokémon that you can find on the map that determines the graphic aspect and performance of the game.

relearn pokemon

Now, totally forget the school Game Freak taught you in 25 years of gaming canon. There are no Pokémon centers or gyms here. If you want to heal your pokémon, you will have to take a nap or use your items, which, by the way, you have to make when collecting supplies. In addition to being a game of small tasks, legends it’s also one where you constantly have to collect items to craft others. Fortunately, the process is quite simple and there are resources everywhere.

Where I do think some players may feel some regret is in the way items are managed, which feels like Game Freak has gone back to the time of Pokémon Red. Remember how you could only load a few and they were all mixed up in no order at all? Well, more or less that happens in legends. Maybe having them scrambled isn’t a big problem, but the fact that you can only carry a limited number is, especially since the game demands that you spend your time collecting herbs, minerals and whatever supplies are necessary to make potions and pokeballs. It is somewhat annoying and that at the time was due to technical limitations; now there are more ample technological resources, and if in games like Sword you can carry a lot of items, why in legends no?

The Pokémon Legends: Arceus storage system can be tedious.
What is this archaic item storage system?

The item thing would be anecdotal if it weren’t for the fact that going through Hisui has its dangers. I could well say that I have seen my pokémon fall defeated more times in legends than in any other game in the series. And for the first time, pokémon attack you too. You can have your entire team pass out (because no, pokémon don’t die) and keep playing, unless a wild pokémon attacks you and well, you pass out too.

You’ll also find important, not substantive, differences in the way Pokémon are “played.” Yes, pokémon level up the more they fight, but they also level up by collecting items. They still evolve, but now the process is not automatic, but you have to activate it yourself and something similar happens with the movements. And although the items are total, you can’t assign them to a pokémon (you know, like putting a berry on them), something that would definitely feel very useful because wild pokémon are, go the redundancy, true wild ones that will show no mercy to your team. . It is, in short, a mixture of classic elements with a twist and some (bad) decisions that are difficult to justify.

On the other hand, I feel that the implementation of combat styles is somewhat anecdotal. It is appreciated that Game Freak wanted to renew the gameplay of the battles by adding new ways of attacking, but since the combats, even though difficult, are routine, I ended up always opting for the “strong style”.

Pokemon Legends: Mewtwo

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus it gets dark.
Like in Pokémon Goldat night you will see certain species of pokémon.

As of writing this review, I’m about nine hours into the game. Unlike others, I have tried to follow the main story and not get lost in the hundreds of tasks given to you by the game’s characters. The story, at least the way it’s told, seems bland to me (not that I’m a gentleman, I really enjoy Pokémon Generations!), but so far it hasn’t bored me even though I’ve been doing the same thing for hours: walk here, fight this one, take a nap and keep exploring Hisui.

I think so far I enjoy the game for its style and if you’re reading this, you will too: it won’t be the first or the best open world I’ve played, but it is the most beautiful way I’ve seen pokémon . Could it be that we will see an ambitious Pokémon that mixes legends with the canonical elements of a game like Net & Blue? Hmm, sounds as complex as it is desirable.

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