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Analysis of the Fire TV Omni QLED 50 inches with Dolby Vision | Digital Trends Spanish

Analysis of the Fire TV Omni QLED 50 inches with Dolby Vision

SVP $530.00

“A TV designed for Alexa fans and one that will convince almost everyone.”


  • Alexa TV Hands Free

  • 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HLG and Dolby Digital Plus

  • Good price


  • Improved image quality

  • Exterior design could be better

Amazon Fire TV has been, for years, one of the most popular and reliable television platforms on the market. Since its launch back in 2014, it has quickly won over audiences across the US and around the world for both its affordable price and ever-improving performance. Since the end of the 2000s, the world of television has experienced a series of revolutions –both hardware and software– to which Amazon has always known how to accommodate.

After the Fire TV Stick 4K and Cube, after Alexa and Prime Video, Amazon took the logical step of putting its own televisions on the market, state-of-the-art devices that would contain within themselves everything that Amazon had been offering to its own customers. and others. That and so much more.

Daniel Matus/Digital Trends in Spanish

The beginning was not easy, since the first models (Fire TV 4 Series and Fire TV Omni) did not receive very flattering reviews, especially referring to the low brightness of their images and not entirely natural integration with Alexa. The new Fire TV Omni QLED series seems to want to reverse this situation.

From box to setup Amazon Fire TV

The physical design of a television can be a trap, since for some the important thing will always be the quality of the image, the sound and the reliability of its operating system. Some brands take this very seriously (Amazon), although others also pay special attention to the exterior design (LG, especially, but also Sony). For Amazon, the important thing comes when you turn on the television, and it shows. We’re not saying it looks cheap, because that would be an exaggeration, but a slightly thinner frame or bezels (or other material) would be great news in a future update.

Daniel Matus/Digital Trends in Spanish

Point apart are the support feet to put the television on some surface. Many manufacturers opt for a pair of reverse “Y” brackets, so you’ll need ample space to put the TV there, if you don’t want or can’t mount it with a wall mount. With the exception of LG and some other brands, almost all have discarded having a single support, bottom and middle, which allows the TV to be placed on less extensive surfaces. These four legs are also not very aesthetic, and we cross our fingers that manufacturers, one day, change and go back to the option of a single base or central base.

As with the Fire TV Stick or Cube, turning on the Amazon Fire TV Omni means waiting a few (long) minutes for the system to update. Once this is done, you will have to enter the credentials of your Amazon account. Afterwards, the same menu that you would see when using a Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Cube will be displayed.

The television Amazon Fire TV Omni Series 4K it is the company’s first own-brand smart TV. It maximizes Amazon’s Fire TV platform with its built-in microphones, so it’ll work as an Amazon Echo device when you want to access Amazon Alexa via voice commands.

And here’s the big news: You won’t need to hold the remote to turn on the TV, search for content and play your favorite shows, or turn it off: you’ll just have to wake the digital assistant with your voice, like you would with a Dot or Echo from Amazon. Also, you won’t have to worry about your privacy, since the TV provides protection, with a switch that can disconnect its microphones.


Amazon Fire Experience

One of the best things about the Fire TV Omni QLED is that it runs Fire TV OS effortlessly. There is virtually no delay between clicking a button on the remote and the corresponding action on the TV. The smart TV interface that moves as fast as the click of a control, and Fire TV Omni QLED does absolutely everything right in this regard. Apps load quickly too. And as voice assistants go, Amazon’s Alexa can only be matched by the Google Assistant.


That being said: Alexa really is at the heart of the Omni QLED. Anything you can do with an Amazon Echo speaker, you can now do with this TV. But the functionality continues from there. For example: You can control other devices with the TV using voice control because it includes an IR emitter and uses HDMI CEC effectively. Just place the IR blaster within view of your other home entertainment equipment and you can control an A/V receiver, cable box, Blu-ray player, you name it, much like the new Fire TV Cube.

Also central to the Fire TV OS experience is how it’s designed to house all your content, whether it’s streaming TV, cable or satellite TV, streaming free and pay TV, all in one place. . Amazon puts everything you want on your home screen and tries to make it as easy as possible to get to what you want to watch.

the master of the house

Do you have Ring security cameras? Well, you will be able to see what they are capturing on your television, if you ask Alexa to do so. Same with the lights, or the thermostat. And no, you don’t need to have the remote control in your hands. Simply make the TV (Alexa) listen to your commands, and your will be done.

Speaking of the remote: It’s identical to the one that came in the box with the Fire TV Cube. The power button, Alexa button, and pinhole microphone are above the navigation panel. The menu and playback controls are located below the pad, with the volume and channel controls further down. Dedicated service buttons for Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix are clearly visible at the bottom.

Is it then also used to work? Or call someone? Well of course yes! If you add a webcam to it, you can use the TV for video calls. The Fire TV Omni QLED TV isn’t just the center of your entertainment; it is also your smart home.

In the ports section, here you will find: four HDMI (one eARC), a USB port, an Ethernet port, an optical audio output, a 3.5 mm headphone output, a 3.5 mm port for the transmitter included infrared and an antenna/cable connector.

art mode

Ambient mode and auto on/off features set Fire TV Omni QLED apart from other TVs. There are also widgets available in art mode where you can have reminders, calendar notes, sticky notes, weather updates, or news headlines pinned to the bottom of your screen.


Another feature to highlight is the automatic on/off function that integrates with the artistic mode. The TV will turn off the screen and stay in power saving mode when it detects that no one is in the room (and/or when the lights have gone out, if you choose that option), then return to art mode when someone shows up.

Daniel Matus/Digital Trends in Spanish

This sensor is also what allows Amazon to run Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10. These are picture modes that are meant to adjust the brightness curve based on how much light is in your room – brighter in a bright room and a little easier on the eyes in dim conditions.


It is important to remember – as Amazon states on its own page – that Dolby Vision is available in certain Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+ titles, and that for this reason it is very possible that some content, apps, and services are not available in 4K /HDR, or even may require additional subscriptions.

Image quality

The TV’s picture quality lives up to expectations with 4K Ultra HD resolution and Dolby Vision compatibility, and with three HDMI ports, you’ll be able to connect your game console, audio equipment and other accessories.

You should never lose sight of the price of the television, since it is this that establishes the league in which it plays. Picture quality seemed quite acceptable to us, without going crazy or falling in love, it’s improved from the previous series of Omni QLED TVs.

Daniel Matus/Digital Trends in Spanish

Amazon tells us that in this device we will enjoy Dolby Vision, which adds spectacular colors, contrast, clarity and brightness to your screen. The problem is that we don’t always have access to series, movies and other programming in Dolby Vision. Of course, this isn’t Amazon’s fault, which has already done its homework on this TV. But even so, there are always things to improve, and of course there are televisions that look better, the Amazon Omni QLED TV 50” Dolby Vision (Hisense U6H, for example), and which plays in a similar price range.

The shine is very good. When we talk about brightness, we don’t just mean the ability to look good in a bright room: high peak brightness is really important to make HDR stand out. To get a high-contrast image with bright reflections and bright colors, I think the Amazon TV needs a bit more. Disappointed? Not at all: almost no one in their day-to-day lives puts televisions through strenuous tests of brightness, colors and contrasts. Most install the television in a place where direct light does not reach it, and enjoy it from there. I doubt anyone doing this would be disappointed in the Omni QLED’s performance enough to want their money back. Even being a television, this device has other things to offer besides the image, an item in which it complies quite well, although without standing out.

Daniel Matus/Digital Trends in Spanish


In the age where everyone is already thinking about which soundbars, surround speakers, and subwoofers to buy along with a TV, it would take a little disaster with TV built-in sound to persuade potential buyers to pass on. . Obviously, this is not the case with the Fire TV Omni QLED, whose sound even surprises for the better.


The card that Amazon plays in this model is worth two: it improves the image quality of the previous generation of Amazon televisions, and it makes Alexa really live on your screen. It may not seem like a big deal to many, but it is very different to interact with Alexa by pressing a button on the remote control, than to do it using only our voice. The remote will, of course, still be useful, but you no longer need it to turn it on or off, to go from Netflix to Prime Video, to see who’s at the door and to open it for them. Alexa fans will love the Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED pure and simple because it’s a TV made 100% for them.

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