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Honor 50 analysis: the independence phone and with Google

“It is a phone that stands out in several sections, in addition to the fact that it no longer feels like an incomplete part of the manufacturer because it integrates Google’s platforms and services”


  • Google Mobile Services

  • Optimal display for playback

  • 66 watt fast charge

  • Good camera


  • It still has the essence of Huawei

  • Only 4,300 mAh battery

Honor shows growth both at home – China – and internationally after 2021 represented its first year as a brand without ties and without the shelter of Huawei. That is why expectations are high with its new Honor 50, recognized by the company as its first smartphone with access to Google Mobile Services (GMS) and the applications of the Californian after her independence. The following review acknowledges its outstanding features and also mentions where it was able to improve.

A parenthesis before continuing with the review. In the different reviews of the recent generation Huawei phones, the effort made by the company – also of Chinese origin – to deliver devices with great hardware is mentioned. However, the problem comes in the still clumsy experience of using mobile devices.

It has not yet managed to implement on a large scale that operating system that had as one of its qualities being versatile: HarmonyOS. The company continues to launch cell phones with the EMUI customization layer. So, if to that is added not being able to access the “Google ecosystem” due to the commercial veto in the United States, the result is teams with a great body, but that at some point they will stumble, which directly affects the experience of user.

Already fully in the analysis of the Honor 50, it is comfortable to hold, without the feeling that it can accidentally slip; its display curved also contributes to this. In addition, a plastic cover is added to the purchase box for those who want to take extreme precautions.

The back of the team is elegant and can be purchased in glacier crystal, jade green and Honor Code, which “breaks down and rebuilds” the five letters of the brand. Also, the rear optics stand out in a double ring design (the upper one houses the main camera and the lower one houses the other three lenses).

On the right edge, in the frame, are the buttons to control the playback volume and turn off the equipment. The fingerprint sensor was placed under the display and responds optimally in most situations.

There is not Jack 3.5mm for wired headphones. Consumers will have to dip into a wireless pair or use the ones included in the USB-C purchase package. At the base of smartphone, in addition to the charging port where these last headphones are connected, there is the slot for the data card and the audio channel (there is no stereo sound either).

Screen and multimedia

Honor opted for a 6.57-inch OLED panel that “bends” on the sides about 75 degrees, in addition to having a Full HD + resolution (2,340 x 1,080 pixels) and can display 1,070 million colors, according to the company. The screen is equipped with a refresh rate of 120 Hz (it refreshes your image 120 times in a second), a characteristic that begins to spread more and more.

Of course, the autonomy can be reduced if the maximum refresh rate is configured. To provide a kind of solution, the Honor 50 comes with the option that allows you to use the highest level only when required, such as when enjoying video games or watching an action movie.

Regarding the reproduction of content in streaming, there is no complaint: the cell phone displays images with vivid colors and optimal contrast, even when the screen brightness is not at its highest levels. The audio is powerful and clear, but you do need to be careful not to block the output channel; stereo sound is missed.

Interestingly, from the Google Play Store it is indicated that Netflix is ​​not compatible with the Honor 50 (it passed with the test unit). Then, we will have to wait for the corresponding update.

Clips look detailed and vivid and accurate on YouTube. The recommendation here is that the highest image quality is chosen in the settings so that the videos offer the best of themselves in terms of resolution.

The situation is different in photography applications: people’s faces may look a little pale and the intensity of colors may be lost. However, it is nothing serious or a factor that hinders the user experience.

In general, it is appreciated that Honor has opted for a curved screen for this “reset” that is presented to it, since that gives the phone a modern and elegant touch.

Performance and autonomy

The specification sheet reads that the Honor 50 integrates the Snapdragon 778G 5G, designed to give an experience gaming more realistic and a more intense content reproduction in terms of colors. It is a processor that is also present in the Edge 20, the most basic of the new Motorola family.

In relation to its RAM and storage, its two versions will arrive, at least in Mexico: 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of space, and 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. The one tested for this analysis was the “basic” one, although it cannot be said to give performance problems.

Productivity, entertainment, and news apps were installed, and there was no delay in execution. It will be interesting to see how this mobile behaves in the future, if its numbers in RAM and storage space are still sufficient.

In autonomy it does not leave a bad taste, although it is not entirely sweet. The battery capacity is 4,300 mAh, which barely allows you to finish a day with more or less intensive use. The advantage is that the smartphone it incorporates a fast charging of 66 watts, but what does this mean?

This means that it takes about 16 minutes connected to the current for the battery to go from 10 to 60 percent of its capacity. In tests it took 41 minutes to be at 100 percent after it was turned off due to lack of power.

A 5,000 mAh battery looked more in line with the Honor 50, however its design might have undergone variations.


The main camera of the new phone of the Chinese brand consists of a 108 MP sensor, 8 MP wide angle, camera bokeh 2 MP and 2 MP macro. In general, the results that the set provides are favorable: you can get photos with rich colors without feeling artificial. Digital zoom, when it stays at its low levels, provides good results: the photos delivered are accurate.

The selfies are also worth sharing, however, when using the bokeh, all shots may not be as sharp, which is especially noticeable in people’s hair. Also, this effect cannot be attenuated or accentuated.

The camera interface makes it easy to select the different modes, from night to panoramic. Multivideo stands out, in which it is possible to use both the front and rear cameras with different screen ratio options.


The Honor 50 is a phone that works more than well in several areas, plus it no longer feels like an incomplete piece of the brand because it integrates Google platforms and services.

What it is is that, despite Honor showing off her independence, this smartphone It still has an essence of Huawei in the extra tools it offers, the camera interface and the quick settings panel, for example. In fact, it cannot be denied that this and the Huawei Nova 9 are very similar in specifications and design.

The Honor 50 is already available in Mexico from 13,000 pesos (6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage) to 16,000 (8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of space). In addition to the brand’s online store – recently opened in the Aztec country – it is possible to purchase it through the operators AT&T and Telcel.

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