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Analysis of the Honor X8: neither so high nor so low in the mid-range | Digital Trends Spanish

Honor X8 analysis: neither so high nor so low in the mid-range

“What I like the most about the Honor X8 is its screen, mainly because of the quality it offers in video, in addition to its response in all kinds of applications.”


  • Good display of videos and photos

  • Optimum response in most apps

  • Striking rear


  • Design that makes it difficult to grip

  • Lack of precision in the cameras

  • No possibility to download Netflix from Google Play

This April 2022, Honor It fully enters the mid-range in Mexico with its X series, which is made up of the X7, X8 and X9, cell phones that have a good balance between price and specifications, according to the firm. We got our hands on the middle brother, the X8, and we told you about our experience.

Julio Meneses, Director of Marketing at Honor Mexico, reports that since the beginning of 2021 they sought to strengthen “the ecosystem” of the company’s products, which is why the arrival of portable computing equipment and the Honor 50 and 50 Lite to the country.

“Now, with the X series, we seek to shore up the telephony portfolio, enter a mid-range where we would be speaking to a different consumer (one who is looking for even more accessible mobiles),” he asserts.

In addition to an attractive design, which can attract the attention of anyone, Meneses adds that a differentiator of the new family is Turbo RAM, a specific partition that allows, among other things, that an application (playing a series, for example) not restart when interrupted by another (incoming call). That is, when you go back to the first, you will be at the point where you left off.

The manager emphasizes that Honor can already be seen as a consolidated brand in the field of cell phones: “We grew, in the period from the end of 2020 to the end of 2021, 11 percentage points in brand recognition in Mexico.”

Review of the Honor X8

The X8 is a thin and light phone (7.4 mm and 177 g), with a back that draws attention due to the colors it displays in contact with light and the square module that houses the main lens. The edges are aluminum.

On the right side, the volume buttons and the one that allows you to turn on the smartphone were placed, which also integrates the fingerprint sensor that responds efficiently when you want to unlock it. At the base are the USB-C charging port, the 3.5 mm jack for wired headphones and the audio channel (only one).

In addition to the charger, a transparent case and headphones are included in the purchase box. Also, the display is protected with a factory mica.

In general, the phone feels solid in the hands, however, its symmetry does not make it so easy to grip, so it will be convenient to put the case on it, especially those who have a reputation for slipping things very easily. .


The display of the Honor X8 is 6.7 inches and has attractions such as Full HD + resolution (2,388 x 1,080 pixels) and a 90 Hz refresh rate (updates its image 90 times in a second). The panel is only interrupted by the circular notch of the camera dedicated to selfies, which is 16 MP.

Honor X8

And yes, in video playback is when the cell phone brings out the best of itself, since it shows a good level of details and contrast, in addition to its brightness is also optimal (it does not need to be at its maximum level). The same thing happens with the still image: the photographs show intense colors.

As most cell phones in the entry-level mid-range are claimed, the X8, having only one audio channel, will not reach the degree of definition that some expect, both in video and music.

From the screen it can be summarized that it is capable enough to meet the needs of those consumers of all types of content, in terms of size and quality.

Performance, optics and autonomy

What about the response that the Honor X8 gives? To begin with, the smartphone incorporates the eight-core Snapdragon 680 processor, which is accompanied by 6 GB RAM (plus 2 GB Turbo RAM). Storage is 128GB.

Honor X8

All of these elements make it possible for people to download and run their favorite apps, such as HBO Max, Twitter, Flipboard, Disney Plus and Instagram. Interestingly, as happened with the Honor 50, in this smartphone it was also not possible to have directly, from Google Play, developments such as Netflix and Star Plus (you will have to resort to another store).

In relation to the performance of the rear optics, made up of a 64 MP main sensor, a 5 MP wide angle and a 2 MP depth camera, it is acceptable. Of course, some shots may look overexposed in bright lighting conditions.

Finally, regarding its autonomy, the X8 comes with a 4,000 mAh battery and a 22.5 W charge. That means that to go from 15 to 100 percent of its capacity, according to the tests carried out, the mobile requires be connected about 70 minutes.


What I like most about the Honor X8 is its screen, mainly because of the quality it offers in video, as well as its response in all kinds of applications. It should not be forgotten that it is a piece that seeks to attract the attention of those who remain or want to enter the so-called entry-level mid-range.

Its design is slim, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get the best grip on the unit, plus it’s not a phone you can comfortably hold in one hand. So, the recommendation for those who are interested in this is to try it first at the points of sale.

With the X series, Honor replicates the strategy of those manufacturers that seek to cover the largest number of consumer segments, now with more accessible parts. Will see if he succeeds.

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