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Moto G200 5G review: the best of Motorola in the mid-range

“The Moto G200 5G does stand out for being an evolution of its predecessor, especially for the quality of its screen, high-end performance and great autonomy”


  • Wide and quality display

  • Autonomy of up to two days

  • Maximum response in all types of apps

  • 33W fast charge


  • Plastic finish on the back

  • No fingerprint sensor under the screen

  • Does not have stereo sound

The Moto G100, which celebrated the 10 generations of the Moto G series, was positioned as the best cell phone in the family at the time. However, it is ready Moto G200 5G, for those who want it. It is a mobile that borders on the premium range by incorporating some outstanding specifications, from a screen with a high refresh rate to a high-capacity battery. We tell you all the details of this unit in the following analysis.

Screen and media

It is convenient to start with the large display of the Moto G200 5G, and we maximize it because apart from its update rate of up to 140 Hz, it has a size of 6.8 inches and Full HD + resolution (1,080 x 2,460 pixels).

Moto G200

At its highest setting, the panel displays sharp colours, fine details and an optimal level of contrast, so viewing still images is enjoyable.

Regarding video playback, there is no reason to complain either. Watching an episode of a series or even an entire movie translates into a satisfying experience: the moments of action are fluid and the best brightness level is found quickly, which does not mean turning it to the maximum. Where the criticism could lie is in the audio, which isn’t stereo, plus it’s not as clear as you’d expect from a phone of its kind.

Finally, and due to the dimensions of the panel, a considerable amount of information is displayed, so it is good news for all those who must review articles or write documents from the mobile screen.

Performance and autonomy

This is the second great aspect of the Moto G200 5G and it is the one that brings it closer to the high range, since it incorporates a Snapdragon 888+ processor, which stands out for its “premium connectivity”. We are not only talking about the fifth generation of mobile phone technologies, but about Wi-Fi 6 and 6E (the latter is already a reality in Spain, for example).

Moto G200

The chip is accompanied by 8 GB RAM, which results in smooth performance in productivity and entertainment applications, as well as in navigation through the different screens and sections of the computer.

It is worth mentioning that, as Other Motorola units, the G200 5G is distinguished by including a “clean” Android 11, without apps that will never be used, which does not mean that it does not give the option of having different customization alternatives.

In relation to autonomy, it is possible to have up to two days of use without the need for a plug, since its battery is 5,000 mAh. And for it to go from 15 to 100 percent of its capacity, it takes about 60 minutes (fast charge of 33 W), according to the tests carried out. So, there is a good balance between the loading time and the total performance that will be had.


The Moto G200 5G includes a triple rear lens, which is made up of a 108 MP main sensor, a 13 MP ultra wide angle sensor – which also functions as a macro camera – and a 2 MP depth sensor.

Moto G200

The photographs that are achieved by the set are worthy of showing off, especially when you have optimal lighting conditions. The deployment of these on the phone is given in a favorable way, since intense colors, precise details and a good level of depth are appreciated. The issue is that when the photos are displayed on a larger monitor, there is a very weak filter that makes them lose a bit of intensity; nothing serious, however, can not be overlooked either.

The device’s front camera, placed in a circular notch in the center of the display, is 16 MP, enough to get quality selfies, with a bokeh that can be controlled before taking the shot.

In general, what is interesting about the camera interface of the Moto G200 5G is its multiple tools to get from a 108 MP image to a panorama, as well as the different tips that are seen on the screen to insert between the different lenses in order to achieve the best image.

Other aspects

Like its predecessor, the Moto G200 5G is also compatible with that experience that allows you to turn your cell phone into a multimedia player, video game console, webcam for video calls or PC with the help of an external screen or monitor, in addition to other accessories. Despite the fact that Ready For presents some improvements, it still doesn’t feel like an intuitive platform, easy to operate, especially when it is used as a computer and you want to run applications installed on the mobile (it can be a headache).

The same cannot be said of the My UX customization layer, the one that allows you to control some functions of the smartphone with gestures and change the shape of the icons, the colors and the font, for example. This does make it possible to get more out of the phone without any effort.

Outside, an element that cannot be ignored is the modern finish on the back of the cell phone, largely thanks to the layout and shape of the module that houses the main optics. Does it bother you that the back is made of polymer? Yes, a little, but the manufacturer decided to sacrifice some aspects to keep it in its price range, which for Mexico is 14,000 pesos (about $700 dollars for further reference).


Motorola did a good job with the Moto G200 5G, a phone that does not disappoint in such important aspects as screen, performance and autonomy (the fingerprint sensor is not included under the display). In addition, it does look like an evolution of the Moto G100, which was launched in the first half of 2021.

The mobile is ideal for those who have already had a cell phone from the brand and want to continue on their land with a device with better features within the mid-range. And we know that the firm is reaping more and more followers not only in Mexico, but also in the United States.

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