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Analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S22 +: an almost perfect cell phone

PVS $1.05

“Still, this is an excellent phone that has given us the best photographic experience so far this year”


  • excellent cameras

  • very bright screen

  • Good performance


  • Many pre-installed apps

  • Does not include charger

  • The battery discharges easily

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 are among the most anticipated Android devices this year. The South Korean manufacturer adds three new phones to its catalog, and although the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has been treated as the jewel of the triad, the Samsung Galaxy S22, and especially the Samsung Galaxy S22+, are not wasted.

In the next few lines we will tell you how our experience has been when thoroughly testing this phone. We anticipate that, although with some nuances, it has been excellent.

Design without substantial changes

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ does not change in appearance compared to the previous generation. The phone has an impeccable build quality: it is covered by a double Corning Glass Gorilla Victus+ glass, so it resists scratches and small bumps quite well.

Something that does change compared to the Galaxy S21 is that the frames that surround the screen are symmetrical, which in my opinion greatly improves its appearance. The phone is a bit heavy in the hand, but it is still very manageable, although it is a bit slippery and gets dirty quite easily if we carry it without a case.

Galaxy S22+ interface

On the right side we find the power and volume buttons, while the left side is completely free. On the bottom edge you have a speaker, the USB-C port, the dual nano SIM tray without an SD socket, and a microphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ has a 6.6-inch screen with straight edges and a refresh rate that reaches 120 Hz. In addition, its resolution is Full HD+ and its brightness level is 1,750 nits. It is compatible with HDR10 + content and is protected against shocks with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus + glass.

The panel looks great both indoors and outdoors in direct sunlight. Likewise, the response of the automatic brightness is good and the viewing angles are perfect. The only inconvenience that I have found is that with the screen at a frequency of 60 Hz, sometimes the tactile response is not too good.

Continuing with the display, under it we find an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that works quickly and accurately. The device also has a facial recognition system based on the front camera, which, while quite accurate and fast, is less secure.

Performance and autonomy

The Galaxy S22+ arrives with the Exynos 2200 processor developed by the house together with the AMD Xclipse 920 GPU.

This processor has given us an impeccable experience in all conditions, even with games with a higher graphic load. It also doesn’t get overheated, even with a lot of work.

The battery is not exactly its strong point. On paper we went from 4,800 mAh, which we had in last year’s model, to 4,500 mAh. The phone lasts more or less a day if it is not used much, but this time decreases considerably with more exhaustive use; even with the screen off and not in use for about eight hours, it loses up to 10 percent of its charge. The cause may be that you have a large number of applications and services running in the background.

The phone has a 45W fast charging system, but it does not include a charger in the box, so it has been impossible for us to test it to check the power supply times.

Regarding the operating system, the three Samsung Galaxy S22 arrive with One UI 4.1 on Android 12. It is a layer that does not go unnoticed and to which those who do not come from owning a Samsung phone will have to get used to. It also comes with a lot of software pre-installed (which makes it quite a drain on the battery).

Cameras: a pleasant surprise

The renewal of the Galaxy S comes with a clear focus on photography, and it shows in the results. The Samsung Galaxy S22+ has a 50 MP main lens, a 12 MP wide angle and a 10 MP telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom.

As you can see in the attached images, during the day the results are very good, with a correct dynamic range and a very realistic colorimetry, far from those saturated tones that we saw in other models of the brand.

The wide-angle camera also deserves a standing ovation and it is that not only does it not deform, but it maintains the parameters of the photos perfectly and without losing sharpness.

The portrait mode is one of the functions that I liked the most: not only does it offer sharpness and brightness, but it also cuts very realistically and treats faces and features well.

Likewise, we have also had a great experience with the night mode of the Samsung Galaxy S22+. The device more than complies and even in many situations we have not even had to resort to night mode to get well-lit night photos.

Finally, the front camera also reports very good quality both outdoors with good light and indoors with artificial light. In the case of night photos with this camera, the noise is more evident, but it is something that happens with all phones on the market regardless of their price.

It is worth adding that this allows us to photograph with crop and wide angle with 80º amplitude, which allows us to take more people in the selfie.


This device has many points in its favor, especially thanks to its cameras and its screen, but I feel that for a price of $1,059 dollars something is missing and that it does not have much more to offer than the regular Samsung Galaxy S22 (besides a larger size).

In addition, we also do not find great variations if we compare it with the 2021 model, since the design is similar and the screen resolution remains at FHD + (while high-end phones on the market usually boast QHD +).

Even so, we are facing an excellent phone that has given us the best photographic experience so far this year.

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