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Analysis of the Tesvor S4, your house cleans for less than you imagine

“Its suction power is sufficient, it perfectly removes animal hair and, above all, it is much quieter than other models we have tested”


  • It’s very quiet

  • Good autonomy

  • Sufficient suction power for your pets’ hair

  • Good build

  • Easy start-up

  • Full app


  • Does not always speak the same language

  • Not enough for rugs

  • You can scrub, but the accessory needs to be purchased separately

Years ago, the idea of ​​having a robot clean the house for us would have sounded more like science fiction than reality. However, from the first iRobot modelsIn 2002, these devices have become one more for many families.

The arrival of more manufacturers has favored an increase in demand and, consequently, a democratization of prices. Tesvor Robotics is one of the longest-running manufacturers creating household cleaning robots, as well as being one of the most popular in countries like Germany.

After the landing of this company in Spain, we tested the Tesvor S4, a robot vacuum cleaner with LiDAR laser navigation and HEPA filter. It is also compatible with voice assistants Alexa and Google Assistant.


Like almost all cleaning robots, the Tesvor S4 has a cylindrical design. Its diameter is 33 millimeters and the rotating LiDAR laser is located on the upper part of the body. Its height is not more than 10 centimeters, but even so there are areas where it cannot pass (such as under a sofa).

The design is simple and we only find two buttons and a network connection indicator on its surface. On one side it has the power switch and a charging socket. If we turn it over, we find the terminals for the charging station, three wheels, the cleaning roller, the supports for two brushes and the dust container. The latter is easily removed at the push of a button, so emptying it is a fairly simple task.

As for the construction materials, both the robot and the charging station are made of matte black plastic, although the upper part of the device has a glass plate, which makes it look of better quality, but at the same time increase your weight.

Additionally, a water tank can be installed instead of the dust tank so that in addition to vacuuming the S4 it can scrub surfaces. This part must be purchased separately (we could not test it).

Commissioning and operation

Starting the device is very simple. Nothing else has to be taken out of the box, remove the protections, install the dust container and press the start button to start cleaning. However, when using the app At Tesvor we have many more additional configuration options.

To synchronize the robot with the phone, we just have to install the official application and follow the steps indicated. The process is simple and very fast. Once synchronized we can change the language, the volume of notifications or schedule cleaning times. For example, you can schedule it to clean the house at 10:00 am every day. Once the robot finishes its work, it returns to its charging base.

Tesvor S4

After having carried out several cleaning cycles, the robot – thanks to the LiDAR laser and artificial intelligence – is able to create maps of the house with the different rooms. This allows us to choose from the app which areas we want to clean.

Now we go to the important thing: how well do you do your cleaning job? Before detailing it, we must clarify that this robot did not have an easy task, since the test field was a house of 90 square meters in which two humans live, four cats, two dogs and many (many plants) that lose leaves or of the ones that fall down.

Tesvor S4

That said, the S4 performed quite well, as it was able to precisely clean dust, dirt (and especially animal hair) from the entire surface without even leaving the edges behind. The two cleaning brooms at the front draw the dirt to the center, where it is transported to the dust bin by the roller and vacuumed up. The suction area is not too large, but the brushes are capable of cleaning quite precisely even at edges and corners.

As with all cleaning robots, for best results the house must be clear and free of obstacles (especially cables), since the robot tends to swallow them and get stuck. In this case, it will issue a warning, but if we are not at home and we cannot help it, the best thing is that we avoid cheating.

Regarding autonomy, we have good figures, because despite the fact that it takes five hours to fully charge, it gives 100 hours of charging. If we take into account that it cleans an area of ​​90 square meters and that it is always located in its charging base, it is practically impossible for it to run out of battery.


This robot is one of the most complete and balanced in terms of value for money that we can find today. Its price is 279 euros and offers a simple configuration and complete management from its app.

The robot did its job well from the get-go, dodging obstacles and cleaning even in tight spots like between chair legs. Its suction power is sufficient, it perfectly removes animal hair and, above all, it is much quieter than other models that I have been able to test. Of course, it is not effective on carpets or with very large dirt such as dry leaves.

In conclusion, the Tesvor S4 is a good robot to keep our house dust-free, and its price is one of its strengths. If you want a robot that cleans with more power or is capable of sucking up a carpet well, you will probably have to go for a more expensive model. Find your new Tesvor S4 on Amazon.

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