Wednesday, October 27

Analyst anticipates some features of the iPhone 14 | Digital Trends Spanish

The iPhone 13 is not yet delivered to its first buyers but there is already information about what is coming for Apple next year, when the iPhone 14 should debut, which according to analysts, will eliminate the notch in its most advanced models.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst dedicated to Apple and whose comments are generally reliable within the industry, Apple will renew not only its flagship model in 2022 with the iPhone 14s (or maybe 13s?) but it will also introduce an iPhone SE with support for 5G networks.

Likewise, Kuo assures that the Pro models of the iPhone 14 will eliminate the notch of the screen and will have a design type punch hole, which in Spanish means that there will be a small hole for the front camera. Meanwhile, normal iPhone models will keep the notch already characteristic on the front.

The latter is consistent with a recent leak in which something similar was commented: that at least one iPhone 14 model will have a more traditional screen, with a hole for the camera instead of the tab.

On the other hand, the analyst believes that the Touch ID technology under the screen will not be in the iPhone 14. According to Kuo, Apple is already working on this for future iPhones and the plan – supposedly – was for it to be presented in the 2022 models. However, due to a “slower development than expected”, these plans will remain for the year 2023.

The same would have happened with Apple’s plans to launch a flip phone. The company planned a foldable, dual-screen iPhone by 2023, however Ming-Chi Kuo believes that this project has been delayed until 2024.

According to Kuo, Apple’s goal with a foldable is to “eliminate the existing segmentation” between phones, tablets and laptops, three spaces in which Apple already has its own products.

While analysts play to anticipate what will come in the next iPhone 14 and into the future, Apple users focus on the present. And that present says that the new iPhone 13s, announced recently and that they will be available in much of the world from the end of September or October, will begin to be delivered soon.

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