Saturday, December 4

ANBIMA will hold an event on cryptocurrencies, water and cannabis

The ANBIMA Summit event, which begins this Monday (25), will discuss investments in cryptocurrencies, water and cannabis, in the so-called alternative assets section.

ANBIMA (Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Market Entities) represents 280 institutions from different segments in Brazil. Among commercial, multiple and investment banks, brokers, among other members, the association seeks to build innovations for investors and society in general.

This week, ANBIMA organizes an event open to the general public, which ends next Friday (29).

“The ANBIMA Summit starts today at 6:30 pm, which runs until Friday, October 29th. The event, free and broadcast online, was created based on the 20-year tradition of the Investment Funds Congress promoted by ANBIMA (Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Market Entities).”

ANBIMA Summit event will even discuss cryptocurrencies

With an extensive schedule of events this week, the ANBIMA Summit promises to help investors understand more about a variety of investment issues. This event is sponsored by the Hashdex company, linked to the cryptocurrency market and the first to list an ETF on B3.

With contents transmitted by ANBIMA’s social networks, the event will be attended by several people known in the cryptocurrency market, including economist Nouriel Roubini, known “Doctor Catastrophe” who predicted the 2008 crisis and is one of the biggest enemies of Bitcoin.

Although not all participants are favorable to the sector, the ANBIMA event will feature a lecture on the topic of cryptocurrencies, which has been growing in Brazil among individuals and institutional investors.

The event on this subject will take place next Wednesday (27), from 10 am, with the lecture “Alternative investments: what they are, where they live and how they can be allies in the market“.

The so-called alternative investments are, in ANBIMA’s view, cryptocurrencies, cannabis, water, venture capital and credit fintechs. For the event, these types of investments will be presented, which can be allies of investors when applying resources for wealth diversification.

Investors interested in asking questions at the event should register on ANBIMA’s website.

Bitcoin return above inflation in 2021

It is worth remembering that with the rise of Bitcoin in 2021, traditional stocks on the stock exchange and fixed income investments lost a large part to inflation, that is, they did not show real returns for Brazilian investors.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, with a market high of 131% compared to the Real, in addition to operating well above inflation, also provided an important return for Brazilians.

As in 2020 Bitcoin was the best asset of the year, everything is moving towards the digital currency being chosen again in 2021, possibly showing two consecutive years of growth in the market.