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Ancient ring found in Israel used to prevent hangover | Digital Trends Spanish

In ancient times, a hangover from alcohol consumption could be prevented by wearing jewelry. Specifically, with a jewel like this gold ring that was found among the ruins of an ancient vineyard in the city of Jamna, Israel.

Antiquities experts from the Middle Eastern country indicate that it is very possible that a ring of this type, which dates back at least 1,000 years ago, belonged to a wealthy person and that its use was precisely an indicator of status and money.

But the most striking thing about the ring is the amethyst gem, a type of violet-colored quartz. “Many virtues are associated with this material,” they write in the Facebook page from the Israel Antiquities Authority, “including preventing hangovers, which is ironic considering that the ring was found in a place where wine was produced.”

Without going any further, the word amethyst comes from the Greek amethustos and it means “not drunk.” The material appears in the Bible and is one of the jewels that the High Priest wore, in addition to being part of the 12 stones that represent the 12 tribes mentioned in the Old Testament.

The place in Israel where the ring was found is a vineyard from the Byzantine period and according to archaeologists, the wine produced was internationally famous for its quality. Annually, two million liters of wine were produced here, which was exported to other parts of Europe and also to Africa.

“Drinking wine was common in ancient times, among adults and children,” explain archaeologists. And not only because of a social custom, but because the water was not always of good quality, so wine was even used as a substitute.

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