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And now that?

Spain it is no longer a country with a high risk of contagion of Covid-19. We have dropped below the 150 points of incidence that mark that barrier. The curve that shot up in summer returns to the level it had on July 1. Now the most difficult thing remains: to keep going down and not repeat the pattern of the previous ones, with a brief ‘plateau’ and up again.

To really feel safe, to start thinking about a normal future, there is a fundamental question: how long does the immunization given by the vaccine last? The Ministry of Health is preparing a seroprevalence study, that is, a survey but with tests to see if the defenses against the coronavirus of the first vaccinated continue to peak. Based on that, we will prepare for a third dose of the vaccine and other measures.

The other key is in those that remain to be vaccinated. We can take it for granted that we will reach 80% of vaccinated this month, but now we have to convince the remaining adults to make an appointment. The rate of daily injections drops every day. In the US they are totally stagnant and President Biden begins to despair.

This is how the vaccination rate evolves in Spain

Evolution of
number of new doses of the Covid-19 vaccine administered in Spain. Figures are displayed by notification date

We reached the goal✅ of vaccinating 70%. At the rate of the last week, we would take
more to vaccinate 90% of the population (with two doses)

Source: Ministry of Health

  • Surely you remember when the right wing insisted that 8M was to blame for the pandemic. The thing generated a schism in the Interior, reached the courts and the Government delegate in Madrid was charged with authorizing the 2020 demonstrations. Today we tell you that the lawyer who organized it has been convicted of falsifying court documents in other cases.


Predictably, the right wing is using the false denunciation of the boy from Malasaña to target left-wing activists, journalists and the “progressive consensus” in general, for spreading a hoax. It was not a hoax but a police investigation underway, with proven serious injuries, and a finally false complaint that, by the way, also the PP and Vox and the conservative press they accepted. In the case of those of Abascal they went further: hinted without any evidence or testimony that the aggressors could be immigrants.

  • In the last hours, some have remembered Another example of a very media false complaint: in 1998, a PP councilor in Jaén said he was kidnapped by ETA. It was not true. No one said then that the lie of this councilor proved that all terrorism was a big lie.
  • To understand the noise of these hours on social networks, you have to read this interview to sociologist Beatriz Ranea: “The story of the extreme right comforts men angry with feminist and LGBTI advances.”

Taliban bans

The new Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban is showing its true face. While facing the outside they allow some gesture, such as resume some flights trade and allow some more international evacuation, domestic politics is something else.

From the outset, they have not fulfilled their promise to elect a government more or less representative of the entire country and give all power to the leaders who allowed them to win the war. Of course no woman. Here the keys that Ugarte explains to us.

One of the Taliban leaders has also assumed that women they will be prohibited from playing sports. The reason is compelling: “They could face a situation where their face and body were not covered. Islam does not allow women to be seen like this ”. Simple and raw.

It is precisely women who are challenging the new regime with small but courageous rallies and demonstrations. Answer: the government has banned the demonstrations. With a simple explanation also: “It is announced to all citizens that at this time do not try to carry out any demonstration under any name.” And that’s it.

Tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of 9/11.


Do not pass

  • Germany. As we have everything in, we have up to interview with Olaf Scholz, the Social Democratic candidate for the elections to which Merkel is no longer running. It is the favorite. “It is important to have a higher minimum wage,” he says. In Germany it is about 1,5000 euros a month.
  • The floating republic of Bitcoin. This story is crazy. Three crypto enthusiasts bought a cruise ship last year to create a floating libertarian utopia. Spoiler: it ends badly. If you have a little time to read, worth.
  • Suicide. “50% of the general population at some point in their life has had moderate to severe suicidal ideation. We are talking about more than 3,600 officially killed in Spain by suicide in 2019. But it is the tip of the iceberg because it is estimated that 80,000 people attempt it every year ”. From this interview.


Tertullian Trivial

Blue – What American country has suffered a 7.1 earthquake this week?

pink – What character did the actor Jordi Rebellón play in Hospital Central?

Yellow – Who was the father of Juan Carlos I?

Brown – What is the name of the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda who has succeeded José Luis Ábalos?

Green – What is generally green on the outside, the fig or the fig?

Orange – What country not recognized by Spain has the Spanish team had to face in the qualifying phase for the World Cup?


Blue – Mexico

pink – Doctor Vilches

Yellow – Juan de Borbón

Brown – Raquel Sánchez

Green – FIG

Orange – Kosovo


Rest for the weekend. We read on Monday.

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