Saturday, July 24

And Sánchez dared to reshape the Government

Like any president of a democratic country, Pedro Sánchez has made the changes that have seemed appropriate in his government, within the ministries that correspond to the PSOE in the coalition with United We Can. Pablo Casado, short of political memory, considers what happened a “carnage” to the point of affirming that Sánchez is “a bad person.” When he fired Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo from the executive and as spokesperson because it overshadowed him, when he did not dare to do the same with Isabel Díaz Ayuso, he shows that he is coherent and apparently blessed. They are so lazy that it is difficult to dedicate a few lines to them. The worst thing is that thanks to the vast propaganda apparatus available to the right and the far right in Spain, there are heads in which the repeated message penetrates.

As far as the news focus, voices from beyond the grave reach that speak of paying with defenestrations for the services rendered or of choosing by commitments of mortgaged will. Even new values ​​of the carcundia homeland are discovered in what seems to be an inexhaustible quarry.

And this is one of the most serious problems we have: the misinformation manipulation of the most vulnerable brains in society. Those who eat this circus without questioning a word.

For the rest, at this point they have little passion for portfolio changes in governments unless they point to radical actions that we do need. They remain to be seen. However, you have to give a margin of confidence. The promising new Justice Minister has in her hands an essential package and the ability to manage it. Despite the fact that the PP media warn that Pablo Casado is still determined to keep the General Council of the Judiciary as it is until the body resists. The presence of Yolanda Díaz in the second vice presidency and in Labor is another powerful endorsement. Among others.

Normally those who most alter the remodeling are the ministries involved, the ranks. In illo tempore, each one was more interested in what could affect them more directly or with greater social repercussion, for example changes in public television. Not now, because there has been a kind of contest and the parties have once again elected their representatives on the Council. Some especially questionable. And of course TVE has nailed us to a Vox deputy calling Pedro Sánchez a psychopath for reshaping his government, in the most prominent newscasts of the house. The same ones who are asking for four years in prison for their opponent in Ceuta for having described them as fascists in a parliamentary debate. Not a day are there missing the sentences and doubts of Casado, always with that Trumpian effluvium that has taken over the Popular Party. He has even argued that the Spanish did not vote freely in the last elections. And of all the long ultraconservative family.

Queen Ayuso shakes 50,000 euros of public money from Ok Diario, that publication specialized in hoaxes in favor of any destabilizing and extreme right, for doing a study day, According to a complaint with documentary evidence, the spokesperson for United We Can in the Assembly. Ayuso ensures control of Telemadrid manu militari without the media at his service and the public opinion that he controls flinch. His counselor for social policies speaks of people “with LGTBI”, as if it were a disease, and he repeats it several times. And Toni Cantó, owner of the new El Español chiringuito created for the use and enjoyment by Ayuso and the most immodest of current politics, criticizes the expense that, he says, the new government of Spain involves and choosing positions by hand.

This country has no remedy if it does not get rid of the toxic misinformation practiced in an indissoluble amalgamation by the political and media right. That the propaganda section receives public money on top of it is out of the most elementary logic. They do not stop talking about political payments when presumably they are the ones who put the pot. Their obscenity reaches the height when they select the news of the international present time according to the interests of their faction, with flagrant omissions or exacerbated partial information. For food of the most obtuse blindness. Couldn’t RTVE at least even save itself from conformism, out of justice, almost out of mercy, towards Spanish society?

The profusion of hoax has reached a paroxysm trying to exonerate the murder of Samuel Luiz in A Coruña. All kinds of attributions and circumstances have been invented to justify it in some way, especially to divert attention from the authorship. The brutality of this beating to death in a human pack includes all journalists who have lied or softened a terrible fact that denigrates us as a society. The fact that this has happened and in this way shows the immense damage that the manipulation of information, the trivialization of evil, does us as a human race.

It will be difficult for the Government to achieve the indispensable objectives if structural failures such as justice and subsidized disinformation are not tackled. Return to the Cainite PSOE that defenested Sánchez. No more progressive by definition. Some butterfly flaps remain in the air with unpredictable repercussions.

I read this morning while opening the window you could hear the songs of the birds among the lush vegetation and a little further on you could see a piece of the immense sea, temporarily, that this would be a good life at a certain age. Anyone to chase away skepticism.

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