Tuesday, October 26

And the lava reached the sea

We have spent days calculating when it could happen and it happened last night, at eleven o’clock at night, Canarian time. One of the lava flows completed its journey from the mouth of the La Palma volcano to one of the island’s cliffs and plunged down a 100-meter drop to the sea. There it began to form “a perfect golden pyramid that is accumulating at the base of the cliff,” witnesses say.

The moment is delicate because experts tell us that incandescent lava, in contact with sea water, will generate chemical reactions in the form of a toxic cloud with substances that are harmful to humans, such as hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid. The area where it happened, known as Playa del Perdido, has been completely evacuated in a diameter of two kilometers. To see what happens now.

The day had not been free of shocks. Another small toxic cloud had risen over part of the island when one of the lava flows has reached a greenhouse area and the fire has reacted with plastics and fertilizers. The farmers they are resigned.

Pfizerico vs. the bebelejías

It is to catch popcorn and enjoy, although deep down the subject is not enough for many jokes. On the hard wing of the Spanish right they are slapping each other on account of the vaccines. It all started when Santiago Abascal refused to say if he was vaccinated in an interview on the Federico Jiménez Losantos program. The controversial announcer scolded him for being irresponsible and since then he has been receiving furious attacks that accuse him of being sold to pharmaceuticals by deniers, which Vox has quite a few. They call him ‘Pfizerico’ and he replies that they are some ‘bebelejías’. Fantasy.

How much left? Yesterday we asked ourselves in the newsroom, in an almost philosophical but also practical way, at what point in the future we will consider that the pandemic is over. “Little by little people will stop using a mask until one day they do not put it on to go to their grandparents’ house and that will be the new normal”, commented a colleague. “I believe that until after Christmas, we will have the pandemic mode activated even if the infections do not rise,” said another. “When no deceased is registered, we can say that it is over,” commented another colleague. And it seemed the definitive argument but: “Be careful, that in the United Kingdom there was a time when there were no deaths and now they are again in dozens of deaths daily.”

Anyway, patience. For now, good news: we are now getting closer to 50 cases cumulative incidence, the great frontier to leave the emergency level. The Ministry of Health is already thinking about the next phase and asks the communities that they begin to rebuild Primary Care, so shattered.

  • And an amazing fact that comes to us from the US: murders have risen in that country by 30% in 2020, the toughest year of the pandemic. Why? They are still trying to explain it to them, because during the restrictions the crimes most associated with violence, such as robberies, fell. But with homicides, the opposite has happened. The accumulated tension and lack of resources to treat mental health problems seem to be the key: the most common cause of a homicide in 2020 was an argument that began with an insult. More detail.

The social democracy was not dead

Today we dedicate the podcast to analyze what Europe looks like after the victory of social democracy in Germany. I was surprised to learn that the Conservatives have lost so much power in the last decade. We discussed it with Icíar Gutiérrez and Andrés Gil.

Do not pass

  • It is imposed . The United States turned it into something respectable, defensible in global economic forums, and now the most modest countries are assuming that it is possible: PSOE and United We can outline a minimum corporate tax of 15% that is already included in the Budgets for next year. The negotiations still have a stumbling block: the rent.
  • No credit. Esperanza Aguirre’s brother-in-law asks to remove the judge from the case investigating the inheritance and the sale to a builder of the Goya painting by the former president’s husband. Look to you the news.
  • Enraged truckers. It’s not every day that you can read an article written by a British trucker pissed off about Brexit. “Every time I enter the EU it is a relief.” Here it is.
  • Hack on Vodafone. The company has announced the closure of all its own stores in Spain, which are 34. This implies the dismissal of 509 people. The details.

In today’s chapter

  • A photo from the back. How will the fan phenomenon around ‘The Last of Us’ be so that a single image of the series based on the video game have raised passions. A photo from the back, the one up there, which is how the actors Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey look more like the characters in the game. There’s a long way to go before the premiere.
  • Sex Education does not fail. Hopefully an educational reform to make it compulsory to see the British series Sex Education in class, a treatise on youth sexuality in the form of a comedy facilitates. I wish it wasn’t controversial that the teachers did it at least on their own. The third season still works like a shot and a fourth is already planned.
  • GAL. These days that I am aware of how our podcast is evolving on the different platforms, I have come across Podimo (it is our sponsor, but this is not an advertising mention) with an interesting work in audio of the renowned investigative journalist Antonio Rubio on the LAGs.

Tomorrow we read each other again.

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