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And what plant is this? Apps to identify plants and flowers and learn how to take better care of them

If you want to identify that strange succulent that has been in your house for years, but whose name you have never known, or that beautiful plant that your neighbor has given you, and that everyone asks you what its name is, but you don’t have a plant expert friend or friend nearby: what are you doing? Let the Internet help you.

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We like plants and we proudly display them on Instagram. We know that there is no one like her Ceropegia woodii, and its delicate branches loaded with heart-shaped leaves, to transform a gloomy living room into a bohemian corner. And in full passion for indoor plants, it is no coincidence that the (almost eternally) popular #monstera exceeds 2.5 million mentions. But we don’t always know what we have at home, what plant they have given us. Or how to take care of it.

Luckily, almost anything you want to know, and a little more, is on the Internet. The healthy addiction to plants has come to stay, so turn on your mobile, and start capturing. Because these apps not only help you to know the name of the plants, they will also be useful to learn how to care for them. [Si no sabes nada (o muy poco) de jardinería de interior, aquí tienes siete plantas facilonas y aptas para manazas.]

And what plant is this? Take a good look at it before answering

Botany students learned to identify plants thanks to systematics (and a technicality called dichotomous keys), a plant classification system (and other things) that requires you to look at the plant in front of you and shelling it, one by one , its characteristics to know if it belongs to one group or another. It was fun: almost like those books from Choose your own adventure with whom we children grew up in the nineties.

And after exploring the shape of the leaves, their arrangement on the stems and their flowers, you came up with the solution: few sensations surpassed the emotion of finding yourself, face to face, with the plant in question.

Well, that’s what the guides are for, to identify trees and shrubs. But now, the Internet makes it easier for us. Plant apps copy the same system, but do the dirty work for you. And in return, they only ask you to take a photo. It may not be so much fun; but, in speed, it is unbeatable.

Apps to identify your plants in the age of Instagram

Apps like Picture This they will help you identify the mysterious bush that grows in your neighbor’s house; and also to know the name of the succulent that you have in the living room. This app claims to be an online plant encyclopedia, as well as an identifier. I’m not kidding: almost miraculously, it helps you distinguish any plant or tree that you focus on with your mobile camera.

The app also offers you additional photos, a description, information, and the story behind the name of your plants. And it’s free, although it also has a paid version with an annual subscription.

Bonus: once you learn that that plant you have on the terrace is an azalea, it is much easier for you to take care of it, and make it survive. [Aprende los trucos que no te timen, y escoger las plantas más sanas del vivero o de la floristería.]

Plant snap is another plant identification app that also allows users to both capture images and upload photos. And if you already know what you are looking for, but want to discover more about your ficus, you can write its name in the search engine to get many more details about your plant. It is also free, although there are payment options.

There are many more. SmartPlant It helps you identify your fellow vegetables on the floor, and it will even send you notifications when it’s your turn to water them. In addition, you receive alerts with advice: for example, with the care tasks that you can do each month or if you still have time to plant your cactus or a fern. [Aquí te contamos los secretos para cuidar tus helechos en casa y que no se pongan feos, y aquí el suelo que debes preparar para que tus cactus y plantas suculentas vivan felices.]

Other: Pl @ ntNet, recommended by the Ministry for the ecological transition and demographic challenge on your site Web, allows you to upload up to four photos of your plant, to help you obtain the most accurate result; and it has a database of almost 4,000 plant species. Taking care of your plants, and knowing which plant companions you live with, has never been easier.

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