Thursday, September 16

Andalusia extends the hours of bars, restaurants and nightlife due to the “downward trend” of the pandemic

Andalusia has decided to extend the hours of hotels, restaurants and nightlife establishments due to the “downward trend in the evolution of the pandemic” of Covid-19, which this Tuesday has left the least number of new cases of coronavirus in the last three months. After chairing the Regional Committee for High Impact on Public Health, the Chairman of the Board, Juan Manuel Moreno, has been in charge of publicizing the revision of the restrictions in force until now, advocating at the same time for “extreme precautions” in the socio-sanitary centers and nursing homes for the elderly, which have seen 64 deaths from coronavirus registered in August during the month of August, 58 more than in July.

Moreno has reported that bars and restaurants may serve until 1.00 in the morning and be open until 2.00 as long as the municipal ordinances of each city council allow. Likewise, for nightlife establishments and function rooms, the opening hours are extended until 3.30 in the morning, with the service having to stop half an hour before. The maximum capacity for indoor celebrations will be 250 people on alert level 1. Ice cream parlors may open until 2 a.m., according to Moreno, and until that time they may also open theme parks, fairground attractions, etc.

In addition, in congresses, the maximum capacity will be 1,000 people at alert level 1 and 800 at level 2. Outdoors, the capacity is expanded to 1,500 people at both levels. At wakes and funerals the capacity is increased to 70 people in groups. Regarding bullfighting shows, the capacity is increased to 75% in level 1, 60% in level 2 and 40% in level 3.

All the measures referred to by the president will take effect at midnight from Wednesday 1 to Thursday 2 September.

Moreno recalled that the Board has always bet on maintaining a “fine balance” between health and the economy, and has welcomed the fact that Andalusia has experienced “a less atypical summer than the previous one” because “we have earned the trust of tourism national”. “If we continue to behave in a serious way, the normal thing is that we will get better,” he predicted.

The Andalusian leader has also congratulated himself on the fact that the vaccination campaign is progressing “at a good pace”, with more than 12 million inoculations, although there are almost 900,000 Andalusians unvaccinated, remembering that it is possible to go from this Monday to get vaccinated against Covid -19.

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