Wednesday, July 6

Andalusian deputies Maribel Mora and Mari García leave the United We Can parliamentary group to join Teresa Rodríguez

The Andalusian deputies Maribel Mora and Mari García have confirmed this Tuesday their abandonment of the United We Can group for Andalusia and have requested to be non-attached parliamentarians, which they have communicated through separate letters registered in the Andalusian Parliament.

Teresa Rodríguez refounds Adelante Andalucía: “Finally, you don’t have to ask anyone’s permission”

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Mora and García thus add themselves to the situation in which Teresa Rodríguez and the eight parliamentarians are expelled from the Adelante Andalucía parliamentary group, which leaves the United We Can for Andalusia parliamentary group with six deputies.

The decision comes ten days after the “new” Adelante Andalucía, headed by its current spokesperson, Teresa Rodríguez, approved its re-founding on June 26, without IU and Podemos, in Granada, with the aim of presenting itself to the next Andalusian, municipal, general and European elections.

Frontal opposition to expulsion

Days later, Podemos and IU registered in Parliament the change of the name of the Adelante parliamentary group to United Podemos for Andalusia, although this coalition assures that it is studying legal measures against Adelante Andalucía for use of the brand.

IU and Podemos maintain that Teresa Rodríguez, Anticapitalistas and the other four Andalusian formations that now form Adelante have “usurped” the brand that was common.

Maribel Mora joined Podemos Andalusia as an independent, has been a member of the Parliament Board for Adelante and was frontally opposed, like Mari García, to the expulsion for transfuguism of her former teammates from the group when IU and Podemos requested it to the Andalusian Parliament .

On the decision, taken after the reform of the Chamber’s Regulations to adapt it to the anti-transfuguism pact, the Constitutional Court (TC) has yet to rule after the appeal filed by the expelled deputies.