Sunday, December 10

Andor changes release date and presents trailer with child Cassian | Digital Trends Spanish

Andor of starwars welcomes us to August with many new features, the most important being that the release date was changed, because in a last and extended trailer, Disney Plus reveals that the first three episodes will be available on September 21 and not August 31 as planned.

The trailer shows Diego Luna in the title role of Cassian Andor already going to work as a stormtrooper, while also showing the return of Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera.

Cassian is also seen as a child and the first dialogue reveals how Mon Mothma will come up with a plan to start the rebellion.

On the other hand, you can see a lot of scenes from the Empire that have blown our minds.

The show is a prequel to a prequel, taking place before the events of the film. rogue onewhich itself was set before the first movie from Star Wars, A New Hope.

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