Thursday, August 11

Andor has more progress with a photo of Diego Luna in action | Digital Trends Spanish

On August 31 at Disney Plusthe new live-action series of starwarsAndor, who already counts with a first official trailer and that continues to advance interesting stories of its plot.

And this time, the empire magazine advanced more material of the plot that follows the Mexican actor Diego Luna as Cassian Andor, protagonist of the film Rogue One.

One of the novelties is that in its two seasons the series will cover five years of the life of Cassian Andor and specifically, every three of its 24 episodes will explore a year of the character’s life.

“The scale of the show is very large,” said Tony Gilroy, Andor’s showrunner. “Directors work in three-episode blocks, so we did four blocks (in season 1) of three episodes each. We looked and said, ‘Wow, that would be really interesting if we went back and used each block to represent a year.’ We’ll get one year closer (to Rogue One) with each block. From a storytelling standpoint, it’s really exciting to be able to work on something that you do on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and then skip a year.”

On the other hand, Empire delivered a photo of the series, with Diego Luna on a speeder next to the character of Luthen, played by Stellan Skarsgård.

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