Saturday, September 30

Andorra has been installed in the DDoS: it has already carried out three attacks with the boycott of several Spanish streamers

Fourth day, third hack. Andorra begins to familiarize itself with the DDoS concept, distributed denial of service attacks. The telecommunications operator of the principality just reported via twitter of a new case of DDoS that is affecting the service of its clients. The incidence comes after similar ones registered on Friday and Saturday.

“The Internet network is suffering from a DDoS again. For this reason, some users may have difficulties to surf the Internet”, details Andorra Telecom, which claims to be working on the incident to “mitigate it” as soon as possible. In the previous cases, the operator reported the resolution of the problem after several hours, which did not prevent it from ending up boycotting the participation of some of the best-known Spanish-speaking streamers in an online tournament.

“Harm some youtubers”

The first attack was recorded late on Friday, around eight in the afternoon, coinciding with the celebration of the “Squid Games”, a tournament that started last Wednesday with an interesting starting point: 147 faced inspired trials in “The Squid Game” to win a prize of 100,000 euros. Suddenly, and without users knowing why, the streamers who played from Andorra stopped broadcasting on Twitch. Among those who were in the game, popular faces such as Auronplay, El Rubius or TheGrefg stand out. Minutes after ten o’clock, the company explained on Twitter that “the Internet network was suffering from a DDoS attack.” The service was “stabilized” about half an hour later.

Something similar happened the next day, Saturday. At more or less the same time, around five minutes to eight in the afternoon, the operator of the micro-state returned to report a new episode of DDoS through which certain users could encounter “difficulties” in navigating. The problem was considered solved shortly before half past ten. Yesterday at the last minute Andorra Telecom detailed that the attacks “they sought to harm the programming of some youtubers” and assured that they had “affected the Internet and 4G service of some” of their clients.

The DDoS episodes did indeed have consequences in the development of the “Squid Games”. On Saturday afternoon the Squid Game Minecraft Voices account (@LaVozdeTodo) collected on Twitter the “removal by disconnection” of 11 players, such as elrubius, SrAuronPlay, SweetyB or Grefunando. “A stab hurt less,” Gregf noted on the networks.

DDoS basically consists of overload target servers to saturate them and prevent their proper functioning. Typically, they run across different network points, from which large numbers of requests are sent simultaneously. The massive flow causes the server resources to become insufficient and I ended up collapsing. Upon receiving the avalanche of traffic, unable to cope with it, the server stops responding to further access requests.

Andorra faces it with a peculiarity. Andorra Telecom, a public company, is the only Internet provider in the principality, a micro-state of just 77,200 inhabitants, where it has a monopoly on telecommunications. Your new notice has generated criticism of the users in the networks.