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Android 12.1 could be focused on folding | Digital Trends Spanish

Android 12.1, the intermediate version between Android 12 and Android 13, will be focused on foldable devices.

This has at least been confirmed through a series of images shared by XDA, which has had access to a trial version of this mobile operating system.

According to what has been learned, this system will be adapted to larger screens and folding telephones.

The update would include a better split-screen user interface, a lock screen that makes better use of horizontal space, and a new taskbar that makes it easier to use multiple applications at the same time.

XDA Developers.

According to an article by The Verge, these would be “useful additions” that would reduce the need for some manufacturers like Sansung to build their own user interface enhancements focused on foldable devices.

The improvements would also allow the Quick Settings and notification panels to be displayed side by side simultaneously, while the lock screen can display the clock on one side and notifications on the other.

The image shows a screenshot of the Android 12.1 system
XDA Developers.

When entering a PIN or password, it can be placed on the left or right of the screen, so that it can be entered with one hand in a folding.

Android 12.1 would also offer a new shortcut for the recent applications menu which would allow an application to be opened in split screen mode.

The image shows a screenshot of the Android 12.1 system
XDA Developers.

The settings app could also feature a new interface that allows top-level menu items to be displayed on the left, while sub-menus open on the right half of the screen.

It should be remembered that Google has not yet officially announced Android 12.1 and has not even released Android 12 to the general public.

This means that, over time, it is possible that the news announced in the XDA report, will change long before its launch.

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