Wednesday, August 17

Android 12 will allow WhatsApp chats to pass from an iPhone to an Android mobile natively

One of the problems that I had (and that in some way, has today) changing from iPhone to Android and vice versa is that all WhatsApp conversations are lost. Given how the app works, transferring conversations, photos, videos and audios from one operating system to another is complex and, for now, limited.

For a few weeks WhatsApp allows you to transfer conversations from an iPhone to a Samsung terminal, but now it is Google that moves the tab. And it is that the company has announced that with Android 12 it will be possible move WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android natively.

A cable, a QR and wait


One of the novelties that Android 12 has is that we can connect an iPhone to an Android mobile using a Lightning-USB type C cable to pass us all the information. That includes, according to Google, the applications we have installed, SMS, photos, videos, contacts, calendar and more.

The applications thing is interesting, since Google will search for matches in the Google Play Store to download the same applications that we have installed on the iPhone. For example, if we have TikTok installed on the iPhone, when transferring to an Android mobile, Google will search for the TikTok app on Google Play and install it.

When using this system, Google will search Google Play for the apps that we have installed on the iPhone and will install them

Regarding WhatsApp, from Google they claim to have worked together with WhatsApp to develop a function in Android 12 which allows you to transfer your conversation history, photos and voice messages from iOS to Android.


All that is required is a USB Type-C to Lightning cable (one meter is worth ten euros) to connect iPhone to Android mobile. Once the mobiles are connected, a QR code will appear on the Android mobile screen that we will have to scan from the iPhone. That will open WhatsApp and the content transfer will begin.

As explained by Google, the process has been designed to “ensure that the data remains protected during the transfer process.” On the other hand, it should be noted that during said process no new messages will enter the iPhone, something designed so that we lose the most recent messages.

And when will it be available? This new feature is available now on Samsung Galaxy devices and all Google Pixels. However, the most interesting thing is that it will also be on “all new smartphones that are released with Android 12”. It is not mentioned that it will also be in those that update soon.

Via | Google