Monday, January 17

Android updates for Christmas: improvements to Android Auto, digital key to open the car and more

Google has not wanted to wait for a version change to load new functions to its system. Taking advantage of the Christmas dates, it has launched a good handful of news for Android, the most relevant of them being the integration of the digital key in the phone, to open the car. This is a big leap, although only for devices with UWB support. In addition, there are news for Android Auto, improvements at the interface level and more.

Android as a car key

Manufacturers like Samsung began to implement in Samsung Pass the digital key, an update that allows open the car by bringing the phone closer, without the need to use its own physical key. This is possible thanks to ultra-broadband technology, with much higher precision than Bluetooth.

From today, this function is integrated at the system level, and also available in the Google Pixel 6, with foreseeable expansion to the rest of the devices that are launched and have UWB. Google has not detailed how it works, but has hinted that it won’t even be necessary to open an app, just bring the phone closer, as we would do when paying with contactless.

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This great novelty does not come alone, and Google has also updated Android Auto functions. Hereinafter, Android Auto can start automatically when you connect the phone to the car. In the same way, the intelligent responses of Google Assistant arrive, which allow us to respond to messages while we are driving without getting distracted, by means of buttons with predetermined responses.

App improvements and automatic revocation of permissions

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There are also improvements in apps integrated into Android such as Google Photos, which release new memories and Widgets, YouTube Music and Play Books, which also release a widget. Similarly, Android will start to notify when an app’s permissions are removed, a process that will begin automatically. That is, if we download an app and don’t use it for a while, Android will deactivate its permissions in the background and notify you of it.

Finally, they arrive new combinations of emojis to the Google keyboard, the automatic system that allows you to combine two emojis to create a new one in an intelligent way. As usual, these functions will begin to be rolled out gradually, so in the coming weeks all users updated to the latest versions of Android should start to enjoy them.