Tuesday, March 21

Ángel Carromero presents his discharge from the PP and leaves his positions in the match in Madrid

Ángel Carromero, until last week the general director of the Madrid City Council, has resigned as a member of the PP, for which he has ceased to hold his positions within the party in Madrid, sources from the formation have informed Europa Press.

Almeida says that he investigated the alleged espionage on Ayuso and found no evidence: “No order could be produced”

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Carromero was president of the Electoral Committee and of the PP district of Chamartín and, despite the fact that his resignation from the City Council took place on Thursday afternoon, he still maintained his positions in the party.

His resignation from the position in the Madrid City Council took place on the same day that various reports related him to the alleged espionage of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, from the Municipal Housing and Land Company (EMVS).

Previously, the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, announced that he spoke with him “throughout the previous afternoon” “on various occasions.” “He has absolutely denied me that he has done any kind of management to obtain information about Ayuso or his relatives,” he stressed.

Next, he warned that “there is no room for irregular behavior or that is not exemplary in any position in the Madrid City Council” and that “in the event that there is any indication that there is a person in charge in Cibeles who has taken steps to obtain that information, will be dismissed immediately from this City Council”. A few hours after those statements, Carromero announced his resignation.

Yesterday, the councilor explained that the resignation of the former president of New Generations in Madrid was “to preserve the institution and to better defend itself” from the alleged espionage of the Madrid president.

The information published by El Mundo and El Confidencial on Thursday of the past week pointed to an alleged contact from the Municipal Housing and Land Company (EMVS) with a detective company, with the aim of obtaining information about the contract of 1 .5 million euros in masks that the Community of Madrid awarded to a friend of the Ayuso family and for which the president’s brother charged commissions.

The now resigned director general of the City Council appeared as coordinator of these efforts.

Carromero had held that position since 2019, although he had previously held positions in the Madrid Council. In March 2013, the excalcaldesa Ana Botella hired him as an advisor for 50,474 euros a year. The departure of the PP from the municipal government in 2015 did not expel Carromero de Cibeles: the popular municipal group kept him on a salary until the conservatives took the baton after the municipal elections of June 2019. With his promotion to general coordinator of the mayor’s office, the salary multiplied to 91,144 euros gross per year.

With Pablo Casado he maintains a friendly relationship that emerged in New Generations. The leader of the PP acted as the spokesman for his family after the car accident in Cuba in which two Cuban opponents died while he was driving and, back in Spain and after serving a sentence, Carromero turned in 2018 with his candidacy for the primaries of the party. The popular municipal group, then led by Martínez-Almeida, gave him and two other advisers vacations to campaign for Casado. In the internal battle of the PP, he had fully aligned himself with Casado and against Ayuso. Sofia Pérez Mendoza reports.