Monday, September 26

Àngels Chacón resigns as leader of Centerm and leaves politics

The former minister and former general secretary of the PDeCAT, Àngels Chacón, has resigned as general secretary of Centerm and has announced that she is abandoning active politics, although she will continue to be a member of the party.

In a letter sent to the militancy and consulted by Europa Press this Saturday, Chacón attributes his decision to “some persistent dynamics of the parties” that have not allowed him to apply a broad, open and transversal organizational conception in Centrem, the letter reads verbatim.

In the text, in which Chacón bids farewell to the militancy, he assures that he will continue “committed to the future of Catalonia and its progress”, as well as to the Centrem project.

“I have and believe in a country project. However, it is difficult for me to live with the internal struggles and the distribution of power quotas of the parties and that is why I have made the difficult decision, ”laments Chacón.

He has thanked the support of the militants and comrades of both the PDeCAT and Centrem, but has insisted that he has not “enjoyed the organic life of the party.”