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Animoca Brands to refund money to hacker victims

Animoca Brands announced that it will return the millions of reais that were taken in a hacker attack against a Discord server of the game Phantom Galaxies.

It all started last November 18th, when the Phantom Galaxies game server on Discord was attacked by people with cruel intentions. This NFT game portrays a metaverse of stellar battles similar to Star Wars, mixing with robots that look like the Jaegers (Circle of Fire).

One of the highlights of this game is its good quality graphics, as seen in a recently announced pre-beta.

But his community ended up being surprised when he was talking to Discord and saw the “team” publish that the game would be opening up the possibility of creating NFTs. The correct term used for this is ask, which means creating a digital item at the cost of a cryptocurrency.

More than BRL 6 million are taken in a hacker attack

The proposal excited many investors, who rushed to the website and placed 265 Ethereums on the site. In today’s Ethereum quote, each coin costs R$23,950.00.

But what many didn’t know was that the game’s Discord server had been hacked by hackers posing as the Phantom Galaxies team.

This game is supported by the subsidiary of Animoca Brands, a company that already carries a great image in the blockchain games sector, seen its success with names like Axie Infinity, Star Atlas, Formula 1, The Sandbox, among others.

Whoever bought the fake NFTs launched by hackers, however, ended up losing a good amount of money, estimated at US$ 1.1 million, or R$ 6.6 million.

How was the attack?

According to an investigation into the incident, the hackers planted malware that allowed them to bypass the Discord channel administrators’ two-factor authentication. After that, they banned all admins from the game.

Subsequently, they began posting fake offers from new NFTs, leading users to a website they had created. In this environment, victims should quickly buy NFTs “before they run out”.

Hackers directed users to a fraudulent website that allegedly was a Phantom Galaxies NFT coining platform. The fake minting platform charged users a “minting fee” of 0.1 ETH which actually minted nothing and simply transferred the funds to the scammers’ Ethereum wallet address at 0x5b54e19f06f8FB4B28eE2c6958E55F4580F64ae1.”

In total, there were 1,571 fake NFT minting transactions, which resulted in the loss of several players.

Animoca Brands will reimburse victims of hacker attacks

second one note published this Wednesday (24) by Animoca Brands, the players wouldn’t have fallen for the coup had they heeded an old development team communiqué..

According to them, there was a determination that all releases would be notified in advance, with no surprises for those interested in this game.

That is, hackers announced a surprise, which required a quick response from victims, causing them to lose their resources even with prior warnings.

Anyway, the problem will be resolved by Animoca Brands, which apologized to everyone involved, warning that soon everyone will receive instructions on how to proceed through the company’s official channels.

“Animoca Brands and Blowfish will cover the losses of all victims of this scam, that’s 265 ETH, or approximately $1.1 million. The exact nature and mechanism of the compensation will be determined after discussions with the Phantom Galaxies community, but will involve transfers to users to cover amounts stolen by hackers, or the delivery of equivalent value. More information will be provided on the game’s official channels.”

This case reminds the community that even the best-invested games in the cryptocurrency industry still have the interest of hackers to steal their community, which can be exploited in a variety of ways. In case of new, fast promises, it is important to check more than one communication channel in the game, as attacks are common in a digital environment.

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