Wednesday, September 28

Anna Gabriel: “Neither the DUI will lead us to independence nor the dialogue table to self-determination”

“Neither the dialogue table with the State will lead to exercising the right to self-determination nor the approval of the DUI in a parliament will lead to independence.” The former deputy of the CUP, Anna Gabriel, lamented in an interview in The Direct that the different strategic options of the independence movement be used as a “throwing weapon” against those who do not support them and has opted to analyze a reality that he considers “complex”.

Anna Gabriel denies having disobeyed the Constitutional and is released

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“Is it convenient to present the people who bet on the dialogue table as if they were the absolute traitors of the earth? Is it convenient to identify the people who want to do something to respond to this situation that makes us suffer as much as if they were hyperventilated people who do not think? ”, He asked.

Gabriel has admitted that putting a new referendum on the table, as the CUP does, is not the “ultimate solution” either. “Any of these options must be considered, but not as a weapon against those who do not support it, but all the options must be considered in order to support this complex analysis,” he argued.

In this sense, the former deputy of the CUP has recommended “expanding the debate” instead of making it small, and listening to the proposals with the will to debate them. Gabriel has called for “less personalism and more collective, less partisan strategies and more analysis of reality, which is complex.”

According to Gabriel, the independence movement is offering a “show” and has recalled that the living conditions of a very important part of the population are “hard and precarious”. “It’s embarrassing that we are having certain debates in the current context,” he added.

Regarding the decision to appear before the Supreme Court after almost five years of exile in Geneva, Gabriel explained that the political context and personal circumstances have changed and there has been a pandemic in between. A combination of factors that have made you make the decision. “Someone may think that the conditions of that time are still there, and in part they are, but there are other contextual elements that have changed substantially,” he added.

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