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Announce a series based on the universe of Blade Runner | Digital Trends Spanish

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In an interview with the BBC, director Ridley Scott confirmed that he is working on a series inspired by the universe of Blade runner.

As anticipated by the filmmaker, this new project for television would have 10 chapters. In fact, Scott pointed out that, together with his team, they develop the first of them.

“We are already writing the pilot for Blade runner. So we are already introducing Blade runner like a television series, which will probably be the first 10 hours ”, explained the filmmaker in relation to the length of the series.

At the moment no more details are known about this new project, nor is it known at what stage of the saga the production will be located.

It should be remembered that the arrival of Blade runner to the cinema it happened in 1982 by means of a tape directed by Scott and carried out by Harrison Ford.

Although the premiere was not an overwhelming success in the financial sphere, the film managed to become a cult film over time, especially among science fiction lovers.

In 2017, the film had a new installment that again starred the interpreter of Han Solo, although on that occasion the project was in charge of director Denis Villeneuve and featured a stellar performance by Ryan Gosling.

Blade runner It is based on the literary work of Philip K. Dick. This work shows a future civilization where a special police force is in charge of hunting down fugitive replicants found on Earth.

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