Friday, May 27

Annulled the note of the controversial PAU History of Philosophy exam, which had 90% failures in Valencia

The History of Philosophy exam of the university entrance exam (PAU) corrected by court number 14 of the University of Valencia and which resulted in a 90% failure, will be corrected again. This has been ruled by the management committee that has carried out the verification of this evaluation that affected the students of eleven institutes in the province and has concluded that there has been an incorrect application of the general evaluation criteria and specific correction criteria, criteria that ” I knew all the teachers involved and about whose application to the examination of this call we discussed with the evaluators in the meeting that we held on June 11, “they explain from the Department of Universities.

Thus, as a result of the complaints presented (80 students of the 125 affected), a report was requested from the Department of Philosophy of the University of Valencia and several professors were commissioned to correct the exams of those who had requested a revision. Thus, the report reflects that the results of both corrections “offer an important disparity, in many cases, well above the two points that justify a revision.”

The report warns that the first corrections do not show a constant pattern in the application of the criteria established for the evaluation of the philosophy test, while stating: “In some cases they seem to respect them, in others they move away from their compliance and give the impression that they have been made arbitrarily. Overall the marks it gives are much lower than would be expected. So much so that performing the arithmetic mean with a second and even a third correction would not sufficiently repair the error made ” .

Therefore, “and taking advantage of article 10.2 of Royal Decree 310/2016, of July 29, which regulates the final evaluations of Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate, the first evaluation should be rectified to comply with the correct application of the criteria”. In this sense, it is considered that there has been an incorrect application of the general evaluation criteria and specific correction criteria in the first evaluation, which make it incorrect. From the Department they explain that the correction will be applied to the 125 affected students, regardless of whether or not they have submitted a claim.

From the Department of Universities they already warned after the controversy caused by the brutal hit of a very high percentage of the more than one hundred students examined by that court that the test would be examined by the managing commission to analyze what had happened and solve any errors that could be detect”.