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Another cryptocurrency company in Rio de Janeiro under investigation

Yet another cryptocurrency company in Rio de Janeiro is under police investigation after clients claim it is nothing more than a scam.

This state drew attention across the country in the year 2021 for the high rate of financial crimes associated with the image of cryptocurrencies. Most of the scams took place in RegiĆ£o dos Lagos, marked by the presence of more than 20 companies suspected of applying scams to investors.

In all schemes, a common situation is the offering of high fixed market yields, with promises of easy and fixed monthly earnings. Despite this, the end of the coups was also the same, with leaders fleeing, or being arrested, and investors lamenting having been part of the base of the pyramid.

In Campos dos Goytacazes, another cryptocurrency company in the state of Rio de Janeiro is under investigation

customers of AC Consulting and Management are outraged by the lack of transparency in the business, which started in 2019, according to the Third Way Newspaper.

Headquartered in Campos dos Goytacazes, on the north coast of Rio de Janeiro, the company would be operating with promises of income in the cryptocurrency market.

According to information, 8 clients have already sought out the 134th Civil Police Precinct to complain about the company and the delegate has already investigated the case. Police believe that a couple is responsible for the business, despite the company’s CNPJ listing only one woman as the owner.

According to a pastor who claims to have fallen for the scam, in September 2020 the company switched its operation to Copy Trade at a Forex brokerage. Thus, when the company’s trader performed a trade, the customers did as well and their percentages of earnings were based on that action.

In January 2021, everything changed with a new 12% monthly contract being introduced to customers, which actually started in April. However, in November the problems began among the company’s customers.

According to the injured pastor, the problems started when GAS Consultoria Bitcoin crashed in Cabo Frio, a fact that led many customers to ask for the loot. With this demand for withdrawals, the leader asked for 90 days to resolve the problems, but the deadline has passed and nothing in the case has been resolved.

AC Consultoria Clarification Note issued in early December 2021 / Reproduction

Complaints beyond the police station

In addition to complaints at the police station, customers have already started to file complaints at the Complain here, stating that the company promised 10% to 15% per month, but does not honor the commitments. Until the closing of this article, the company had not yet responded to the customer about his withdrawal.

“The company started with the promise of paying interest from 10 to 15%, in addition to not paying the capital, it disappeared everyone’s money, be careful.”

With more than 500 thousand inhabitants, Campos dos Goytacazes is one of the richest municipalities in the state of Rio de Janeiro, but this is the first case involving financial pyramid schemes with the image of cryptocurrencies that explodes there.

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