Friday, July 30

Another failure in a cloud service provider causes a drop in digital services

As with Fastly recently, a problem in the Akamai distribution network (CDN) service has caused a new, brief collapse on the websites of many companies. The problem began to be perceived at around 6:00 p.m. peninsular hours and the company confirmed the incident after 6:32 p.m. A few minutes later, the firm announced that it had fixed the error, of which it did not give details, and that the service was returning to normal operations.

Websites around the world suffer a massive crash of more than an hour after a global failure of the Fastly provider

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“We will continue to monitor to ensure that the impact has been completely mitigated,” he assured. Among the services affected were multiple banks, Twitch, PlayStation Network, Airbnb or numerous media both Spanish (the pages of El País or ABC have been affected) and international, such as The New York Times.

The impact of failures at Akamai or Fastly highlights the critical importance of CDN providers in the global network. Its service consists of facilitating that any web or digital platform reaches all users in the world just as quickly, wherever they are. Also in preventing bottlenecks from being generated during traffic peaks. It achieves this by making photocopies of these websites and distributing them to nodes around the world, which prevents all connections from necessarily having to go through the central servers of the company in question.

The problem that afflicts the sector is the great concentration of these services in a few companies, which means that if it is interrupted, a very large part of the Internet goes behind. Akamai is the third largest player in the market, only behind Cloudfare and Amazon Web Services. The three share 89% of the market, as documented by in this report.

“The problem is that forming a CDN is very complicated because there is a kind of oligopoly in which there are a few players that dominate the entire market. It is very difficult to compete with them on a global level, because they are very large, with which to set up one CDN of its level requires a lot of work and a lot of money, “explained Diego Suárez, Technology Director of Transparent Edge Services, the only Spanish company that offers commercial CDN services.

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