Sunday, October 17

Another politics and another right

Account Ignacio Urquizu in Another policy is possible (Debate) that all the experiences lived since he came to the public sphere in 2015 as a PSOE deputy to Congress lead him to think that there is another way to exercise political responsibility. He says that “it is possible to avoid polarization and tension and, in addition, obtain the confidence of citizens as a response.” Another thing is that we have become used to “demonizing the adversary, extreme positions and the denial of those who do not think like us.”

Urquizu, doctor in Sociology from the Complutense University and socialist mayor of Alcañiz (Teruel), has written an essay that defends exactly the opposite of what we see every day in Parliament, this is the search for meeting points and empathy , despite the fact that recent history has shown us that those who once followed this pattern were questioned by their own, pointed out by opponents and ridiculed by the media, always ready to fight, trench and align.

In the current policy there is no possibility of transaction. Everything is black or everything is white. The grays do not exist and the shades are an invention of the maligned equidistant. So it goes. September has started as July left, with the same polarization, identical tension and similar fatigue.

In three weeks, the right has returned the way it used to, to the Apocalypse of each day. All wrong. All black. If the government does not make decisions in the face of the exorbitant price of electricity, it is because it is unable to keep the power companies under control. If it approves a package of measures to limit its benefits, reduce taxes and cap the price of gas, as it has done this week to lower the electricity bill, it is because of its Bolivarian influence and because it wants to confiscate the money of the companies. If Sánchez presides over the dialogue table between the Government and the Generalitat, it is an infamy with which the president has already surrendered to those who cheer on the terrorists and want to dynamite Spain. With a party for which dialogue is cession and agreement, an intolerable surrender, there is little margin for that other way of doing politics that Urquizu claims and that shares that temperate zone of the electorate, which is not the political center, but the bulk of a citizenry that only wants solutions to problems.

In its eagerness to pulverize any government action, Casado’s right wing has questioned even the successful vaccination campaign against COVID-19, thus renouncing to sign up a merit that is not alien to it because it also corresponds to the regional governments that they preside. In its eccentric strategy, in the face of the “war of light” it has positioned itself not on the side of consumers but of electricity companies, which are as unpopular for Spaniards in 2021 as financial institutions were in the 2011 crisis. This is called knowing how to make friends.

In order to confront, the PP already fights even with itself and injures itself in public without the need for the left to put it in front of the mirror of its corrupt past. Teo García Egea has pronounced the word forbidden by Casado to remind the meddlesome Esperanza Aguirre of the rotten result of the accumulation of organic and institutional power that he held for decades and now demands for Ayuso: corruption.

Another policy is possible, yes, if there were another right that made a responsible opposition; that it did not block the renewal of the constitutional organs; to comply with the mandate of the Magna Carta; to put the general interest before the partisan, to defend citizens against the electricity companies, to seek not guilty but solutions for the reconnection of Catalonia with the rest of Spain; to recognize dialogue as the main instrument in democracy; that he participated in State agreements … and that he did not give every day a festival of political extravagance and declarative incontinence. To carry out another policy, another right would be needed that is not the one represented by Casado with his daily ration of clubs. Or that the Government overcome from time to time that temptation to polarize to take advantage of the rise of the extreme right. And that another right, the pro-independence party of Puigdemont, put aside its umpteenth attempt to boycott the dialogue table. Some and others continue in the worse, the better.