Wednesday, October 27

Another twist

The substitute for national journalism has once again taught a new lesson in embarrassment in the eruption of La Palma. Faced with rigorous information that has been giving us an account of the catastrophe, numerous TV stars have been planted there to demonstrate the closed night in which the peak of fame in this audiovisual medium lives. Regarding the pain of those affected, they have smoothed their hair by shaking off the ash or have used the police to abuse their privileges. The more they accumulate, the less rigorous and credible they are. Shameful show that gives another twist to the known, announcing and feared. Since 1940, the cinema has been showing the story of the bloody sensationalism that grew to the limit since New Moon by Howard Hawks (1940), based on a 1931 play, to Front page from Billy Wilder (1974) to Interference from 1988 and to today’s reality that seems to want to shed blood and tears on the audience.

But this Friday La Palma went to the background, because in the first was the arrest of Carles Puigdemont in Sardinia, Italy. Rivers of ink, of microphone, of keyboard, to speculate sprinkled with the voracious saliva of that immodest Spanish right that sees coups d’état and attacks on constitutional legality while destroying the law and even democratic coexistence with their practices. From the outcome -predictable- all or most drank. In a new circus in which not even the revolutionary has been missing Bella Ciao turned into pachanguera music. Throughout the day the matter has suffered interpretations loaded with the most disparate “buts”, as we will see.

Talking about a new turn of the screw is not a news to stop the machines. What alarms is the sum, the verification of another narrowing around the neck of coexistence and democracy, at the hands of misinformation and bad politics that are already communicating vessels. And with public success. This unhealthy mixture that has managed to sow and germinate stupidity in wide sectors of society and, with it, put the extreme right in the institutions, with all its dire consequences.

With disinformation we are laying the social foundations on marshy soil and, far from being tempered, it is increasing. A disruptor of journalism confesses that he lied when publishing a PCR of Minister Salvador Illa that was false and he will surely continue participating in social gatherings. And it will not be the only one of similar ilk. From the COPE, Carlos Herrera “doubts” if PSOE and Podemos did not participate in the Nazi demonstration, like the extreme right. They lie without the slightest embarrassment. A drift that seriously contaminates an unbearable number of media.

The worst is when misinformation is served even on public television. The excellent coverage of the eruptions on La Palma on RTVE is going to ruin the political information. In a newscast, the Ayuso spokesman is given a voice to say that if the police did not act in the neo-Nazi march, it was probably so that the government could gain political gain. Again the opinion of the extreme right without a single nuance. Days ago, they used the cursed verbs: “The Minister of Equality accuses Vox of being behind hate speech, those of Abascal defend themselves …”. How do they defend themselves? This Thursday in the Newscast at 9:00 p.m. they released Cuca Gamarra talking about doubts about the Gali case, without saying that the leader of the Polisario Front has been a Spanish citizen since 2004. Of course, the PP sends to twitter an identical cut to the one that has been given by public television. It is not information, it is not complete or truthful. No law obliges to deprive citizens of the right to receive it. Quotas on the news have turned certain outlets into party press offices.

Meanwhile, Ayuso shreds Telemadrid allied with Vox and nothing happens. While Pablo Casado gets the PP out of his hands without him stopping pontificating about how much he pleases. In La Palma, where he went to take the photo, the journalists did not ask him anything at the end of his dissertation. There was nothing newsworthy to contribute. But the televisions did continue to interview him. Meanwhile your personal party convention makes you water. Nobody relevant comes anymore, not even Rajoy and Aznar come. And he boasts of having obtained the assistance of Fidalgo, Girauta and Vidal-Quadras, the Venezuelan Leopoldo López, Vargas Llosa and Kurz, the Austrian Chancellor.

It is the extreme right towards which the PP is heading, it is the extreme right which already governs Madrid. Ayuso’s and Vox’s. The one that sets Parliament on fire with her attitude. The one that insults journalists without the union associations explicitly defending, giving an ambiguous and late statement. Or the one that is allowed to threaten with lawsuits whoever accuses him of instigating violence while Abascal asks to “slap” Aragonés, the president of the Generalitat.

Madrid is one of the communities -with Murcia, Aragon, Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura- in which they did not report any abortion in the public health network in 2019. AND a woman who requested euthanasia has ended up committing suicide in a hotel in Madrid after the obstacles suffered to avail themselves of the law. He did not want to go to that extreme of suicide, as he explained in an interview in El País. Since he was 14 years old, he suffered from “an incurable chronic musculoskeletal disease, aggravated by his intolerance to opioids, to which a high-grade invasive bladder cancer had recently been added.” The account of his long and chronic pain and the response of the Madrid health care reflects better than anything what is happening. And hardly anyone cares about it. Madrid (and other communities) make it difficult to apply – it seems to be – euthanasia, or abortion, according to laws approved by Congress, but they stifle cuts to Public Health with tragic results but in line with their “morality”. The Ombudsman has just denounced a “chronic financing deficit” of public health. They are murderous policies in practice. And they do not stir big disturbances. Not like what is offered on the catwalks of the media show.

Books classified as self-help have increased their sales by 40%. And half the world wonders how conspiracy theories and hoaxes have invaded society. A well-informed society would not allow infection in this way. It would be much stronger in the face of attacks from the various faces of media and political greed.

La Palma will go down the current steps, as Afghanistan has already done, redoubling its damage in the news obscurity. So what the Taliban already announce “strict punishments” such as “cutting off hands” or executionsThat, yes, will not be practiced in public so as not to leave the funders of the regime in a bad place. Now it’s time to break down the Puigdemont case in all the implications that they want to use. The Italian judges have released him without precautionary measures, and without restriction of travel, he will only have to declare on October 4, once they have studied the documentation. Media interpretations have shot up to three tracks: released, released but remains, released but extradition has begun, as the special envoy of TVE has ventured to say with some precipitation possibly. And finally free, without excuses for errors in the information.

To fear will be the subsequent reactions. If he ends up in liberation without extraditing him to Spain, we will witness an explanation similar to the one used by Franco: it is the international Judeo-Masonic conspiracy against the Spiritual Reserve of the West, which is Spain and its unit of destiny in the universal. Because that is how much of the right still seems to live it and more here.

I no longer know if it would be of any use to ask the informants who manipulate or other forms of degradation of journalism to make an effort to serve the truth to the citizens. And to these, that they turn off the garbage and look for starry skies in the media night and day and that we all use solid ground of realities on which to build our days. I doubt more turns of the screw can be taken without suffocating.