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Ant-Man and Lost actress surprised at an anti-vaccine rally | Digital Trends Spanish

Despite the medical evidence that exists, there are still many people who oppose anti-COVID-19 vaccines.

The problem is that sometimes these people are celebrities who have millions of followers around the world.

The last personality who has made news for this position has been the actress Evangeline Lilly, known for her roles in the series lost and in the saga of Marvel movies, Ant Man.

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On her Instagram account, the Canadian acknowledged that last weekend she participated in a demonstration against mandatory vaccinations that took place on the National Mall in Washington.

Lilly shared a series of photos on her Instagram account showing the protesters and the signs they were carrying. In the post, the actress wrote: “no one should be forced to inject their body with anything, against their will or under threat”, adding that she was in favor of “body sovereignty”.

Of course, her followers reacted to this publication and spoke out against the actress’s position, calling her irresponsible.

Many reminded him of the attitude of Letitia Wright, who has also spoken out against vaccines, which could leave her out of the next film of Black Panther.

more controversial

This is not the first time that Evangeline Lilly relativizes the seriousness of the pandemic. When the first cases were just known, the actress said that the disease was actually just a flu.

However, when more was known about the coronavirus and the number of infections and deaths increased, the Canadian was forced to apologize for her statements.

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