Friday, December 3

Anthony Scaramucci: Bicoin will be worth $500,000, not enough for everyone”

With Bitcoin approaching the end of the year at a time of high positivity, we have many still betting on an even more eye-catching rally for cryptocurrency. In a recent interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, Anthony Scaramucci, SkyBridge Capital’s founder reaffirmed his pro-currency stance, believing Bitcoin could reach $500,000 in the future and that we are still at the beginning of the bull market.

While talking about the market and the general financial situation, Scaramucci talked about the Fed and its recent position within the economy. For him, the money is circulating a lot in the stock market and other risky assets with a possibility of growth. Thereby, he returned to recommending Bitcoin as a form of investment.

The curious thing is that the presenter was surprised by the suggestion, asking “Let me ask you about Bitcoin, are you telling people to buy it -now-? at $63,000?”

Bitcoin’s supporter however emphatically responds “No doubt about it”, stating that he believes the currency is still at a starting price.

“No doubt. When I came to the show last year, Bitcoin was at $18 and I said we were at the beginning, and now at the $60,000 mark we’re still at the beginning (…) These coins will easily be valued at $500 a thousand to a coin… We don’t have enough Bitcoins for every millionaire in the world to have one… this is a very scarce asset and I’m trying my best to explain to people why they need to buy.”

Anthony Scaramucci even ended his interview with a resounding “If it’s under $100,000, we’re buying it, brother.”

During his participation, SkyBridge’s CEO drew parallels with Bitcoin and the evolution of other industries and other technologies, such as the move from DVDs to streaming services. For him, Bitcoin represents the same paradigm shift and that currency has numerous advantages over other investment methods.

“We had DVDs and we moved on to Netflix and Streaming… the technical properties associated with Bitcoin are infinitely better than gold. You can move it free of charge, you can store it free of charge”, said Scaramucci in another part of the interview.

With that, we are sure that Bitcoin fans are still very excited about the price of the digital asset and this is a kind of positive thinking that also reflects on famous analysts.

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