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Anti-5G collars are radioactive, authorities warn | Digital Trends Spanish

The necklaces that protect against 5G signals might not be beneficial, but quite the opposite: according to a study carried out by the Authority for nuclear safety and radiation protection of the Netherlands (also called ANVS for its acronym in English), these collars are radioactive and hence dangerous.

Anti 5G collars have been popular with people who believe that 5G signals are dangerous to health. However, in the Netherlands they are already considered illegal and strongly recommended that are not used, because they expose the user to constant radiation.

“Due to the potential health risk they pose, these products are prohibited by law,” they explain. “Radiation can damage skin tissue and DNA and cause, for example, reddened skin.”

Anti-5G protests
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In general, the radiation emitted by necklaces is very low. But the biggest problem is in people who wear the collars constantly, as they face radiation levels that “exceed the safe limits for skin exposure applied in the Netherlands.”

The accessories they use to supposedly protect from 5G are of various types. The most common are necklaces and jewelry-type accessories, but there are also other types of garments such as sleep masks, elastic bands for dolls, belly covers for pregnant women (and thus protect the baby from signs) and also earrings.

The Dutch authorities assure that all these objects can be potentially harmful to the skin and health and therefore not only cannot be used but also their sale is prohibited. Of course, this prohibition does not affect ionic air purifiers, which are totally harmless.

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