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Anti-5G organizations call for protests worldwide | Digital Trends Spanish

Not everyone seems to be happy with the launch of 5G services. This kind of annoying (incomprehensible, by the way) manifests itself through two global organizations.

These are Global Protest and Stop 5G International, which have decided to change their intense militancy on social networks and mobilize in the streets.

These groups have organized three days of protests worldwide, which would be coordinated by volunteers from all over the planet.

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The mobilizations will take place from June 19 to 21. Thus, the organizers have called for a protest march on Saturday, followed by demonstrations in the parks on Sunday and a “Solstice Meditation” on Monday.

The organizers have asked those who are interested in participating to “do something”, such as hang a banner with the legend “Stop 5G” in the city park where they live and post the photo on social networks.

“It does not matter, if you are the only person protesting in the park near your house,” says the announcement of the protests.

“If you like freedom, all the more reason to join, because if 5G doesn’t stop we will find ourselves locked in an inescapable planetary surveillance network, which will make the current closures seem like a real walk in the park. It will be a bit like wearing an electronic mask forever ”.

According to data compiled by the Global Association of Mobile Phone Providers, at the end of January there were commercial 5G networks in 61 countries, with a total of 144 operators.

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