Wednesday, March 22

Anti-abortion groups that harass women open headquarters in front of the Dator clinic

On the afternoon of March 8, while thousands of women were on their way to the Women’s Day demonstration, a small group of people were preparing the inauguration of an anti-abortion premises inaugurated by the far-right organization Hazte Oír on Pensamiento street. , opposite the Dator clinic (Cuzco area, Tetuán). Some carried small banners with anti-abortion slogans – this is not new, the women who come to this clinic have been harassed by Catholic fundamentalists for decades – while others finished a purple ribbon on the door, whose lintel was adorned with white and red balloons. A few hours ago, they had had to clean rejection feminist graffiti that appeared the night before on the vinyl of the facade.

Three days affirming the right to interrupt pregnancy: Chronicle of a feminist victory in Tetouan

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The premises belong to the Hazte Oír association, which has opened it as part of its campaign Right to live. It is spacious, with two floors and is located on the corner of Pensamiento and Hermano Gárate streets. It is brightly painted in pink and purple, has a giant image of a baby and phrases like Are you going to miss her smile?

Dator was the first private center authorized to carry out pregnancy interruptions in Spain, opened in 1986. From this year and until now, different anti-abortion groups have made its doors a constant target of anti-choice apostolate. There is not a week in which there are not groups bothering the clinic’s patients and workers, trying to convince them not to have an abortion despite the fact that the women who go there have already gone through the information procedures established by law, tricking them into have a coffee and thus prevent the intervention from being carried out that day (because they must be fasting), showing them photographs of fetuses or, on occasion, scolding them.

The clinic itself and Feminismos Tetuán have denounced the situation on numerous occasions. The feminist assembly has even called different rallies in support of women and rejection of the practices of Catholic fundamentalists, such as those organized in recent years on December 28, of the Holy Innocents, particularly targeted at anti-election groups.

After half past six in the afternoon, a hundred people waited expectantly for the presentation of the place, called Refugio Provida. In front of his door they had placed a crucifix, a small stage and a screen. The assistance was made up of old acquaintances of the clinic in the days of harassment, such as the group 40 days for life, among others.

From the stage, Ignacio Arsuaga, president of Hazte Oír, Miguel Tomás (director of campaigns for the organization) and different representatives of anti-election associations would intervene, who symbolically received a key to what will be their House hereinafter.

Finally, Arsuaga cut the ribbon on the door and a diocesan priest from Madrid blessed the premises. The singer and songwriter Jaz Jacob, who defines herself on her website as a “praise leader”, accompanied prayers, more interventions and the retransmission of an ultrasound on the screen placed in the street. To finish, a our father Directed from the stage by Arsuaga and a free pass to enjoy the snacks.

For a long time, the so-called anti-choice groups have brought an ambulance to the doors of the clinic, inside which they offer free ultrasounds to women who come to the Dator. The intention of the rectors of Refugio Provida is to have the ultrasound machine permanently running, now on the premises. On the other hand, the place pretends to be a sort of headquarters for the self-proclaimed rescuers, trying to avoid the fines and arrests that could result from the law that will criminally punish those who harass women who go to a clinic to voluntarily interrupt their pregnancy. The law passed the parliamentary process last February and is now in the Senate.