Wednesday, August 10

Anti-corruption asks the judge to file the case against Esperanza Aguirre for box B of the PP in Madrid

The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office has requested the file for the case against the former Madrid president for the case of the irregular financing of the Madrid PP in the Púnica case. In its brief of conclusions, Anticorruption concludes that there are no reasons to request the ‘prosecution’ of Aguirre, who had been charged since September 2019. Now it will be Judge Manuel García Castellón, after receiving the reports from the rest of the parties, who will decide whether proposes to judge Aguirre or not.

The prosecutors of the case since its origin Carmen García Cerdá and María Teresa Gálvez have refused to sign the brief of conclusions, which only bears the signature of Alejandro Cabaleiro, who has only been in the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor for two years and who joined the case for order of the chief prosecutor Alejandro Luzón, tax sources inform

In his indictment, the judge placed Aguirre in key meetings where the party’s B box was allegedly concocted. Specifically, it highlights that the “supervision” and “control” of the advertising items of the awards of the different ministries in their advertising contracts was centralized “at the highest level” of the regional government, from where a “plan ” to put the advertising games “at the service of the party”. She attributes the role of supervisor, while her collaborators Beltrán Gutiérrez, Ignacio González and Francisco Granados were in charge of “direct control” and executed the president’s decisions.

The documents on which the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office relied recalled that under the Aguirre mandate (2003-2012) the law was changed to have full control over advertising contracts, which were supposedly used to move donations from companies to the match box B. There is evidence of all this in the summary of the Punic plot, which includes the statement of some businessmen who admitted irregular payments to training.

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