Saturday, May 21

Anti-corruption calls for six years in prison for Ignacio González for mischief at the Canal golf course

The Prosecutor’s Office asks for six years in prison for the former Madrid president Ignacio Gónzalez and his brother Pablo for one of the pieces of the Lezo case, for which he was arrested and sent to prison in 2017, which investigates the irregularities in the award of the works of a golf course in facilities of the Canal de Isabel II.

Ignacio González will sit on the bench for corruption in his time as president of the Canal

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A branch of the case for which the judge of the National Court investigating him, Manuel García Castellón, proposed a little over a month ago to bring him to trial along with his brother Pablo Manuel and three other defendants, one of them also González’s brother-in-law .

The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office has now sent its brief of provisional conclusions in which it asks for six years in prison for the five for two crimes of bribery.

González, who spent more than six months in preventive detention for this cause, is also prosecuted in two other pieces of the Lezo case, for which the Prosecutor’s Office asks for eight and four years in prison for him; and appears as a defendant in the Punic case, in the branch where the alleged irregular financing of the PP in Madrid is being investigated.