Tuesday, July 5

Anti-Franco editor Xavier Folch dies at 83

The editor, writer and former MP Xavier Folch i Recasens died this Thursday at the age of 83. The renowned intellectual had a prominent role in the anti-Franco struggle and was also a prominent editor, linked to the Empúries publishing house, which he founded, Crítica, dedicated to the social sciences, or Grup 62.

Born in Burgos in 1938, Folch was a prominent Catalan activist and anti-Franco regime during the 60s and 70s. Among other movements, he participated in the Assemblea de Catalunya, one of the bodies that brought together the Catalan anti-Francoism during the transition, and also in the 1966 ‘Caputxinada’. He was also arrested in 1973 for participating in the Assemblea, in the so-called “fall of the 113”.

Politically affiliated to the PSUC, he was elected deputy in the Catalan Parliament in the first legislature after the democratic recovery, in 1980. Later he was part of the Generalitat’s Advisory Council for Culture and in 2003 he was awarded the Creu de Sant Jordi.

As an editor, Folch is recognized as one of the most dynamic men when it comes to editing Catalan authors. He began his career in 1968 at Ediciones Ariel until in 1976 he founded Crítica, a publishing house focused on essays and social studies. In 1983 he founded Empúries, a new publishing house that would end up integrated into Grup 62 in 1996. In this way, Folch linked his professional career to the large group associated with Edicions 62.