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Anti-vaccine politician attempted coup in France | Digital Trends Spanish

In France, an anti-vaccine politician and conspiracyist has been arrested for attempting a coup and organizing attacks on vaccination centers and other civilian facilities.

The man in question is Rémy Daillet, 54, and according to reports from various french media, was arrested months ago in Malaysia and deported to France on the charge of being the mastermind of the kidnapping of a minor.

During the investigation for this crime, a terrorist organization of more than 300 members was discovered, which was planning to carry out attacks that included a coup against the French government.

Daillet was known for his far-right tendencies and for spreading conspiracy theories through YouTube videos. In them, he postulated that COVID-19 was nothing more than the product of an experiment around 5G, in addition to being against vaccines and freemasonry.

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The organization led by Daillet had two divisions, one civilian and one military. The first had managed to recruit dozens of people who shared similar ideas -among them were members of neo-Nazi groups-, while the military division was even made up of soldiers and officers in service, who coordinated future attacks and weapons management. .

In addition to vaccination centers, Daillet and his henchmen planned to attack 5G antennas, Freemasonry buildings and even the very palace of the French government, under a plan dubbed Operation Blue.

However, Rémy Daillet’s lawyer denies all the allegations and says that his client is nothing more than a political prisoner. In addition, it reveals that Daillet hopes to be able to run for the presidency of France in the future, while putting an end – peacefully – to the entire political system.

Beyond Daillet’s intentions, the truth is that both governments and companies are making things increasingly difficult for anti-vaccines: YouTube recently suspended Jair Bolsonaro for a false publication about vaccines, while the United States banned the vaccines. organ transplants for people of the same belief.

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