Wednesday, December 8

Antonio Aracre, from Syngenta: “There will be a significant rebound, but not in all sectors”

In the midst of the uncertainty about the results of the elections next Sunday and while the government seeks to consolidate price agreements with different sectors, Aracre said that he left “with the impression that more than a project there is a sincere intention to achieve a broad and transversal agreement”.

“First of all with the Business and the unions, on the important points for the economic future, which are later endorsed by the National Congress, so that with that the president can go to the International Monetary Fund to explain that Argentina wants to pay but not with a traditional adjustment recipe, that ends up punishing the most vulnerable sectors, “he deepened.

During the meeting, the need to reach an agreement with the IMF was also raised and ideas were exchanged on subsidies and economic policy for the coming year and in the midst of the debt crisis that has the market in suspense.

This Wednesday, after dinner, the director of the Swiss biotechnology company tweeted: “I have a dream. That on Monday all the forces of life agree to 4-5 things with a certain sense of urgency. That we don’t want the default. That we need to agree with the IMF but without adjusting to vulnerable sectors. That we have to converge in a path of fiscal discipline ..

“Eliminating unnecessary subsidies and simplifying the tax burden of SMEs. Eliminate evasion and promote investments. Encourage companies to substitute plans for employment. And that inspiring our young people to bet on the country is everyone’s responsibility,” he reflected Aracre.

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