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Antonio Espinosa (‘Renovadores Cs’): “Arrimadas today contributes more to the party’s crisis than to its solution”

Renovadores Cs, the platform that brings together a group of former deputies, public officials and grassroots affiliates of Ciudadanos, has become a kind of Jiminy Cricket for the formation led by Inés Arrimadas, who have been asked to resign and the convocation of an extraordinary Assembly in the face of successive electoral bumps and “mistakes” that, they consider, the new party leadership has made. A good part of the members of this group come from Catalonia, starting with its spokesman, Antonio Espinosa, who was a deputy of the Parliament in the previous legislature. Renovators It was born after the terrible results obtained by Ciudadanos in the last elections to the Generalitat held in February and in which they went from 36 deputies to only six. It was when they decided to promote the platform, “upon seeing Arrimadas’ response, ensuring that the right thing had been done and that it was not necessary to take any action or assume any responsibility,” he clarifies, in conversation with

Critics of Ciudadanos call for an ordinary Assembly after the electoral debacle in Catalonia

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Next Sunday, July 11, the Renovators They have called an “Open Assembly” in which they want to address “structural changes in strategy, internal democracy or municipalism” and to which they have invited all affiliates who feel they are excluded from the official conclave that the party will hold to participate electronically. Madrid a week later. A convention in which they do not believe and which they have described as a “democratic placebo” and “a paripe”. “With the Assembly open, we want to oppose and exemplify two party models in terms of the participation of the affiliates. The paripé of the convention, in front of an assembly where the proposals that the affiliates want will be presented and debated, on the issues that concern them. , and not on the issues chosen by the Executive Committee “, adds Espinosa, who regrets that the current statutes of the party” have designed an absolutely secondary and irrelevant role for the affiliate. ”

“The one who really decides the composition of the party’s organs is the Executive Committee, which perverts the accountability system. Accounts are rendered to the Executive Committee instead of to the affiliates,” says the spokesperson for the platform. Therefore, he believes that “Renovators it was necessary. “” Today we are essential for the re-foundation that the party needs, “he added.

They are not “an internal current” of Citizens

To clarify certain misunderstandings, Espinosa affirms that they are not considered a current within Ciudadanos. “The currents usually have a differentiating ideological component. In Renovadores we share the ideological space of the party, we are liberal progressives or social liberals. Our criticisms are directed at the party’s leadership, strategy and management, the organization model and internal democracy established, “he explains. “On Renovators we want to unite all those who see the need for profound changes and want to make Ciudadanos a transformative project, with a new participatory culture, where hope returns and with which to contribute to the governance and modernization of Spain “, he adds.

The group, which opened web page and it is on all social networks, it has started a campaign to collect signatures to try to force the convocation of that extraordinary General Assembly that they consider “urgent and necessary”. At the moment, they assure that they have collected more than a thousand signatures and have 500 adherents to the platform from various autonomous communities, “a figure that they hope will grow over time since they see more and more discontent among the militancy. The current census of Citizens is a mystery. In April 2019 the party estimated it at almost 35,000 members, but today it has been reduced by half, as published Vozpópuli.

The platform’s spokesperson insists that the conclave of July 17 and 18 “will not serve at all as a catalyst to overcome the current situation.” “From the internal point of view it will be a new disappointment for the affiliates, who will see how their contributions do not translate into any change, and from the external point of view it will not mean recovering one iota of credibility with the Spanish” . What is more, they have described that appointment as “a democratic placebo”, because, according to what they say, “the very statutory design of the convention makes it a placebo, an appearance of participation.” How else can an act be interpreted in Who is the Executive Committee who decides the topics or questions that will be the object of deliberation and where the most important conclusions of the deliberation will be published, but without any binding nature? ”

“Inés contributes more to the crisis of the party than to its solution”

The Renovators they are very skeptical about the possibilities that Arrimadas will be able to “re-float” Ciudadanos. “Every day that passes without Inés resigning, or undertaking a profound and radical transformation of the party, that refloating will be more difficult. Inés today contributes more to the crisis of the party than to its solution. She should be humble to acknowledge her failure at the helm of Citizens and focus on her work as a deputy and spokesperson in Congress, facilitating that another executive, with new people and ideas, lead the party, “says Espinosa.” Arrimadas’ immobility and conservatism have prevented him from taking courageous measures, “he adds.

You think the party leader has made too many mistakes. Starting with her abandonment of the presidency of the parliamentary group in Catalonia to be a deputy for Barcelona in Congress, she also believes that she was wrong “with the inexplicable and unexplained participation in the negotiation of the Budgets with the Government of Sánchez, knowing that her partner of government is United We Can, and of governability, the nationalists and independentistas “. To this he adds “the fiasco of the strategy that sought to bring together the PP, PSC and some civil organizations to participate together in an electoral coalition in the elections in Catalonia. A naive strategy with an exclusively propaganda purpose that was born doomed to failure due to the lack of a minimum prior agreement between the parties and the rejection from the beginning of the PSC “. The spokesperson for Renovators also criticizes “the incomprehensible motion of censure in Murcia, or the last vaudeville starring with the Mayor of Granada.” “Even assuming that the pact with the PP in Murcia was unsustainable, the solution was not a motion of censure against the Government of which we were part. The honest and responsible thing was to pass to the opposition,” Espinosa sentence, to ensure that “all this is it is translating into a growing disorientation of the electorate and an increase in the loss of credibility and the distrust of the voters in Ciudadanos. ”

Criticisms of those who leave without leaving their minutes

The spokesperson for Renovators it does not hide the concern in the group about the drift of the party. On the one hand, because of the hostile opa launched by the PP, and, on the other, by the resignation of some leaders, who have decided to leave their positions. “I understand those who have been able to leave because they have changed their ideas or ideology, but I do not understand those who have done so out of opportunism, looking for a position and a salary. And I also do not understand those who leave, but they keep the record that they got for being on the Citizens’ lists. I would encourage them to come back, because organized in Renovators we can reverse the current critical situation. ”

Espinosa flatly rejects a future merger with the PP. “Not at all, Ciudadanos was born with a personality clearly differentiated from the PP and the PSOE. Ciudadanos embodies a clearly reformist and central project that makes us versatile and allows us to agree with the constitutionalist parties to promote the changes and improvements that we know Spain needs and that the PP or the PSOE do not want to or do not know how to do “.

His latest reflections are precisely to criticize the operation that Genoa has started against Citizens with the help of the former Secretary of Organization of Albert Rivera’s stage, Fran Hervías. “The harassment and demolition that the PP is promoting with the collaboration of Fran Hervías and his followers in a staggered and scheduled manner is unacceptable,” he says.

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