Saturday, September 25

Anxiety switches sides

The complaint was false, yes. Homophobia, racism, xenophobia and discourses of hatred of the different are a reality that unfortunately lives among us. It is in the statistics and it is in a country like ours, which has been an indisputable reference in the recognition of civil rights. Everything that can be written about the young man who denounced last Sunday a false aggression with homophobic motivation has already been said. It is not necessary to insist more on the consequences that this gruesome story will have for him and for the LGTBI community, because there are parties bent on denying the evidence and using any shortcut or lie to stigmatize and discredit some groups. They have done it with feminism, with immigrants, with trans people, with unaccompanied minors and now again with homosexuals. Vox has already used the Malasaña case as an excuse to justify its rejection of LGTBI laws and affirm that the increase in aggressions reflected in the statistics responds to a loss of social values, and not to hate speech.

And it is also necessary to remember again that the Police from the first moment called the prudence of the media that were interested in the case of the young man from Malasaña who declared that he was the victim of an attack by a group of seven hooded men in broad daylight and at who supposedly had marked him with a knife in his buttock the word fagot. Our colleague from Pedro Águeda, the first to report the investigation, put it black on white in his room. It is thus not understood that the investigators alerted journalists after the hours of the doubts raised by the statement of the complainant and that they did not do the same with the Minister of the Interior so that he in turn warned the Prime Minister not to anticipate conclusions.

Marlaska took to the microphone with a declarative enthusiasm that came to compensate for her usual informative silences. The president urgently convened the commission to monitor hate crimes, which, incidentally, did not think it appropriate to convene either after the group murder with clear homophobic motivation of Samuel Luiz this summer or every time a beating of a Colombian immigrant in the subway. And the left in general took the opportunity to seek the discomfort of the extreme right of Vox and do country pedagogy on the consequences of the legitimation of certain speeches.

If politics and journalism were not a battlefield in which everything is exploited and transferred to the party arena in order to stoke the enemy -not adversary-, none of this would have happened. One would have waited for the conclusions of the Police, which has taken, incidentally, only 72 hours to get to the bottom of the matter. The Government rushed because in this case it saw an opportunity to break the informational framework of the rise in electricity, stoke Vox and perhaps to raise a flag in defense of a group in which Unidos Podemos has taken away political hegemony. with the approval of the Trans law. He was wrong, without a doubt. Vox wasted no time in showing his true face again by threatening journalists and politicians.

What remains after all this is that politics lives in a state of permanent anxiety and that those who orbit it do not allow themselves a single second for reflection or for the design of a serene strategy. Everything is done with tweets and witty phrases in search of conquering the headline of the next minute. This time it seems that the anxiety and permanent excitement that the Government attributes to Casado in his opposition work has changed sides and has infected Minister Marlaska.

Journalism in general and citizens in particular are grateful that the Government’s information strategy has gone from never being available to being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It should, of course, take care of the precipitation in matters of such importance as the one at hand. Neither reality can erase a false complaint, nor does over-acting help to put those who deny the rights of the LGTBI community in front of the mirror of their homophobic discourses, from homosexual marriage to adoption, passing through visibility in schools.

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