Friday, September 22

Apex Legends: Next Gen updates and Control Mode return | Digital Trends Spanish

EA and Respawn Entertainment revealed the native versions NextGen from apex legends for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, as part of the launch of the new Warriors Collection Event, available for a limited time. Starting this Tuesday, March 29 and running through April 12, this one features the return of 9v9 Control mode, a new Arena map, limited cosmetic items, Crypto’s Relic, and much more.

Major updates

  • Next Gen Updates: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X gamers will see improvements with this latest patch, including 4K output, 60Hz gameplay, HDR, higher resolution shadow maps, and increased LOD distance.
  • control is back– Control 9v9 mode returns for two weeks, this time with the addition of the Caustic Treatment in Kings Canyon.
  • Caustic Treatment: It is a three-point battlefield for control of Kings Canyon. It now comes equipped with additional cover, ziplines, skydive launchers, a hover tank, and more to allow for more balance and better flow.
  • New Arena Map – Drop-Off– The new map rises above the Maltese skyline, in the fully automated Hammond Manufacturing Tower. Codenamed Drop-Off, fighters from the Arenas covertly take over the venue at night for fierce matches under smog-filled skies.
  • event items– This opportunity introduces a new limited-time set of 24 themed cosmetics, including skins like Synthetic Huntress for Ash, Riding Dirty for Octane, Jewel Olympus for Horizon, Combat Survivalist for Lifeline, and more.
  • Rewards Registry– Each week of the event has its own reward track. Players can earn points and update their challenges every day. The Warriors Collection Event will also feature an extension challenge that rewards four unique badges if completed during the event.

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