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Apex Legends season 14: here are the main news | Digital Trends Spanish

Apex Legends Season 14 is almost upon us, so Respawn Entertainment and EA revealed some of the major new things coming to the game when the season kicks off. by hunted. Namely, the developers highlighted the Kings Canyon redesign, increased level cap, and balance updates such as the removal of auto-respawn.

In 2020, Loba blew up Skull Town in Kings Canyon. Now the entire map is seeing a rework as part of Season 14 to improve the pacing and balance of matches on the map. Skull Town is now called Relic and is slightly larger, the Cage was reworked to be slightly lower and more vulnerable, the Hillside interiors were removed, and Broken Relay is now called Basin and gained new buildings. Those, along with the other visual update Kings Canyon received, should make this old map from apex legends feel new again.

Another big change is coming to account levels. Previously, there were 500 levels for players to work their way through. Starting in Season 14, players can reach level 500 three more times, technically increasing the level cap to 2000. This means players will now be able to earn 544 Apex Packs and an Relic by leveling up. The start of Season 14 will also introduce some notable changes to apex legends balanceas expected.

Some notable changes are that SMGs and pistols have a new laser sight attachment, the Wingman will now use sniper ammo, the Spitfire will now fire ammo, the EVA-8 will see an increased rate of fire, handling, and reload speed, and plus. Most notably, however, the auto-revive is being removed. This is complicated by a change to Gold Equipment perks, including a new one for the backpack called Deep Pockets that increases the number of medical supplies players can carry.

apex legends is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch. Season 14 begins on August 9.

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