Wednesday, July 6

Applaud Zelensky

The Russian occupation of Ukraine has only one person responsible, Putin. Ukraine is the country attacked. The objective must be the withdrawal of the Russian army and a future of peace for the whole of Ukrainian society, based on democracy and respect for its internal plurality.

Defending this does not prevent us, at the same time, from pointing out the responsibilities of other powers in the escalation of tension that led to February 24. Nor does it prevent us from seeing that the Ukrainian state has also committed abuses in recent years and during the war. We will continue to say it despite the fact that the climate of opinion, in the Spanish State and in the EU as a whole, is slipping towards a single thought. Any nuance, any background explanation or any doubt are distorted by those who instrumentalize the war to bring water to their mill. The mill of uncritical adherence to NATO and US foreign policy, of increased military spending and geopolitical confusion that wants to revive the Cold War.

That the Western bloc (USA, NATO and EU) are not “the good guys” is well known by the group of countries that abstained a month ago in the resolution condemning Russia in the United Nations: China, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Bolivia, Cuba, South Africa and most African states. A heterogeneous group of countries that only have one thing in common: they know well that Yankee unilateralism is harmful to the future of the world and that it has sinister precedents, including bombing civilians. Broadening the focus and realizing this reality is good.

On the contrary, for those who draw the line of good and bad, certain abuses committed in Ukraine since 2014, as well as tolerance with neo-fascism, become invisible. The deaths in the Maidan revolt, both those in kyiv (around a hundred) and the forty-six in the brutal attack on the Odessa House of Trade Unions, have not been the subject of independent investigations. The subsequent outlawing of the Communist Party, in 2015, also falls into oblivion, despite the fact that it was the precedent for the outlawing of other parties now during the war. Among which the second force in the Ukrainian Rada, the Opposition Platform – For Life, a formation that clearly spoke out against Putin’s aggression and that expelled the only member who spoke in favor of it. However, it contrasts with tolerance towards neo-Nazi elements. Although their parliamentary presence has been declining, they continue to be perfectly legal formations and well integrated into the Ukrainian state through the volunteer battalions that are part of the National Guard. It is not unusual to see members of the police forces or the Ukrainian army participating in harassment of people, tied to a post. Finally, the military solution against the separatists of Donbass, which has included bombing of the region since 2014, should also be ignored according to which propagandists.

For all this today we have not wanted to confuse ourselves in an uncritical applause. We are moved by the images of Bucha and the stories of the refugees and we want this aggression to end. But we think that the most honest contribution to peace is to understand the causes of war, to bet on de-escalation and not to buy the Atlanticist story that will always need perfect enemies to make sense of it.