Monday, September 25

Apple achieved a record turnover of more than 110,000 million between October and December

In the first three months of its fiscal year, the Cupertino multinational increased net profit by 20.4%, to 34,630 million dollars (30,970 million euros).

Apple’s revenue growth reflected the good progress of iPhone sales, which brought the company 71,628 million dollars (64,059 million euros) in the first fiscal quarter, which represents an increase of 9% compared to the same period of the previous year, to represent 58% of the total income recorded by the company in the quarter.

On your side, Mac sales advanced 25% year-over-year, up to 10,852 million dollars (9,705 million euros), while revenue from iPad sales fell 14%, to 7,248 million dollars (6,482 million euros).

Likewise, income from the sale of accessories increased by 13.4%, to 14,710 million dollars (13,156 million euros), and income from services by 23.8%, to 19,156 million dollars (17,454 million euros). .

On the other hand, the company reported that between October and December its revenues grew by 11.2% in America, up to 51,496 million dollars (46,054 million euros), and 9% in Europe, up to 29,749 million dollars (26,605 million euros), while in China Apple’s turnover totaled 25,783 million dollars (23,058 million euros), 21% more.

“This quarter’s record results were made possible by our most innovative lineup of products and services,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, highlighting the company’s efforts to achieve carbon neutrality across its supply chain. supply and products by 2030.