Sunday, August 7

Apple co-founder says cryptocurrencies will be used effectively

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple returned to talk about the cryptocurrency market and about his positions on the matter.

The legendary computer engineer remains a Bitcoin supporter and believes that cryptocurrencies can be a great form of payment for the future, but that governments can restrict the use of these assets if the industry becomes too big.

In an interview with the Yahoo Finance this Friday (29), Wozniak said he believes that the cryptomarket and cryptocurrencies will certainly be used effectively, but they will still face pressure from the government and authorities, who will never allow cryptocurrencies to get out of their control.

“Yes, I believe the cryptomarket will be used effectively. We have a lot of digital ways of paying for things now, even transferring money to people. It comes from PayPal, and now we have Apple Pay, Apple Cash, we have Venmo. Cryptocurrencies have a bit of anonymity.”

With the cryptomarket becoming more and more efficient and used, this is precisely where investors need to be careful, after all, the government will not allow something like this to get out of the state’s control.

“If everything is done with cryptocurrencies, governments will use their strength”, believes Apple co-founder

For Apple’s co-founder, if people started doing everything using cryptocurrencies, they wouldn’t just abandon their power.

“The problem is that the government will never let this [o criptomercado] get out of your control. If it gets to a point where it’s all going to be done through the cryptomarket and it’s not going to go through government observations or taxation and all that… governments are just going to ban it. They would not abandon that power.”

Wozniak takes a position that to many may seem wrong, as Bitcoin is totally free and unstoppable, but to others it reflects the reality that market enthusiasts need to consider. Governments, especially the most powerful, started wars, countries went bankrupt and much more so as not to lose their power to influence and control people’s lives, even people from other countries.

With this, many warn that opinions like the Apple co-founder should be taken more seriously and with less thought of “Bitcoin is immortal”, after all, it will help us prepare for a future in which this can happen or will help to prevent this will come true.

Again reaffirming its position in favor of the cryptomarket, Wozniak claimed that Bitcoin is mathematical purity and it has limitations that fiat money does not have, being unique.

“Look at the US dollar, the government can create new dollars and lend, it doesn’t have a fixed base like Bitcoin. Bitcoin is math, the purity of math. There will never be another Bitcoin created.”

Wozniak shows that it’s important to be optimistic about Bitcoin, but always be vigilant with hostile actions against the technology.