Wednesday, November 29

Apple could develop a 15-inch MacBook Air | Digital Trends Spanish

According to a new report from Display Supply Chain Consultants, Apple may be considering developing its next MacBook Air in two different sizes. According to the report, Apple would be working on a 15-inch version of the laptop that would sit alongside the 13-inch model and could also feature a slightly larger screen.

For his part, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo added that it is possible that the mass production of this new device will start in the fourth quarter of 2023. This means that Apple could announce this MacBook Air at the end of next year. According to the expert, it must be taken into account that the production date depends on many factors, one of them is the shortage of supplies, so a delay in the development of this laptop is not ruled out either.

Due to its size, Kuo also claims that this computer may not be called the MacBook Air. In this sense, it is speculated that the company could recover the Macbook name, which is a kind of intermediate point between the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro.

Finally, the report anticipates that this 15-inch MacBook would hit the market with the 30W power adapter included in the MacBook Air, despite the fact that its screen size means higher power consumption.

It should be remembered that, at the beginning of the year, Bloomberg assured that Apple had evaluated the possibility of manufacturing a 15-inch MacBook Air in addition to the 13-inch redesign, but ultimately decided not to produce it.

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